10 Best Essential Oil Products for Optimum Health


I want to share with you my 10 favorite essential oil products. The last article I wrote was titled eight ways to look prettier. And in that article I mentioned one of my favorite essential oils.

And I can’t tell you how many comments I from that article asking me to do a full blown essential oil article, so here it is.

In this article, I am going to talk about the three ways to use essential oils. I’ll be very brief on that just for like the beginners out there. And then I’m going to go into my top 10 favorite essential oils.

I just quickly want to say why I personally like Young Living. There’s a lot of brands out there. Some are okay. Some are like really bad in my opinion, but all Young Living oils are therapeutic grade A oils. So they are so incredibly pure. So a lot of brands that you see, like in grocery stores or even health food stores, they are not grade A, they are filled with synthetic fillers and chemicals, a lot of perfumes. And a lot of times people actually can get headaches from those. They think they don’t like essential oils because they’re not in the purest form.

The three ways that you can use essential oils. And like I said, I’ll be totally brief, but it’s:

  • Topically
  • Aromatically and
  • Internally

I think Young Living might be the only brand that really follows FDA regulations. And they actually have specific oils that are labeled for internal use. So, I will get to that a little bit later, but I just wanted to point that out.


So as far as topically, a lot of people love applying essential oils directly to your skin. I love it. I do that on my kids. I do it on my husband. I do it on myself. Sometimes depending on your sensitivity, you do have to use, what’s called a carrier oil. A lot of people like coconut oil, that is my favorites.

 Although you can use some other oils and basically you just put some coconut oil on your hands or whatever, and then a few drops of an oil rub it together and you can apply it directly to the bottoms of your feet. You can apply it to your neck or your chest. Some people love it on their wrists, behind their ears.

There are so many benefits to using oils. And just as a quick fact, in 26 seconds, when applied topically, you can find essential oils immediately in your bloodstream. So that is amazing. And then in 20 minutes, essential oils can be found in every single cell in your body. So that is crazy.


The next way that you can use essential oils is aromatically. And that’s a lot of times what people think of when they think of essential oils and that would be with a diffuser. So this is my diffuser. I got this with my starter kit through Young Living. This is the desert mist, a fuser. I love it. I actually did have an Amazon one, which I think I promoted about two years ago on my channel. And I cannot tell you the difference between the two I’m telling you this one is way better.

It fills the room with the aroma. Like it’s, it’s definitely way better. So I know this is a little bit more expensive, but with the starter kit, it’s really not that bad at all.

Another way that I like to use it aromatically is to actually just put the oil directly into my hands, rub it together and just breathe in really deep. And that really gets the smell and the scent right into your body.


And then finally you can use essential oils internally. Now, like I said, this is where you do have to be careful. All of Young Living’s oils are completely the same. They really take pride in their soil, their farming process and their distilling process. However, there is an FDA regulation that if you are going to use oils internally, they have to be labeled separately.

So as you guys can see, this has a dark label and this has a white light.

So for all internal use only products by Young Living, it’s going to be this vitality line and you can actually put a few drops directly into water and you can ingest it. And it’s amazing. I love using lemon. I love using lavender. You can use peppermint. So this is the vitality line and this is the regular line with the dark. But I just want you to know that there is a distinct difference between the two, even though everything inside is identical. Like it’s all identical, but FDA does require that the labeling is different already.

 I’m going to get into my very first favorite essential oil product. And in my opinion, this is like the best thing you can really get started. If you are kind of like a beginner and what that is is the Young Living premium starter kit.

Now it does come, like I said, with a diffuser, this is the desert mist diffuser. I believe three other options. This one is my personal favorite. They also have a lantern version, which is gorgeous, but I personally love this one the best.

These are the 10 essential oils that you do get with the starter kit. They are kind of like the favorites. They’re ones that people really like to start out on. So I am actually going to do a full-blown article all about the starter kit and how you can really use everything, but I’m actually going to make that kind of an unlisted video.

I just want to go over some of my favorites here. Lavender: So it does come with lavender. That is amazing. It really promotes relaxation, calming. I love using that before bed. My husband actually requests it every single night. I also love applying it to the bottoms of my children’s feet. I’ll use a little bit of coconut oil and mix that with the lavender and it goes right onto their sleep. And again, it promotes relaxation and calming and really does help with like a restful sleep.

Oh my gosh. That is like probably I would say that’s one of everyone’s favorites. They are so many amazing uses for frankincense. It smells amazing. I love diffusing. It it’s great for your skin. It’s great for your hair.

Actually, I just dropped my kid off at preschool and it was really raining. And so my hair looked so much better than it does right now. So it kind of got really frizzy. And I sat down here and I looked in the viewfinder and I was like, Oh my gosh, my hair is like, so frizzy. And I just put some frankincense right in my hair and it doesn’t look perfect, but it really helped it.


I love frankincense people use it for so much more than just their hair. It is actually one of the more expensive, essential oils. So I would say between the frankincense oil, the Pan Away oil, which is actually a blend, that’s so good for healthy muscles, ligaments, tendons. It’s really good to help with like head tension.

And then with the diffuser, those three things right there, it make this starter kit worthwhile. So the starter kit does cost $160. If you put everything together, it would be 350, I believe. So this is such a good deal.

It’s really like a no brainer. But obviously it does come with other things. I love lemon. It is the lemon vitality. So I love putting that directly into some water. I use like a glass container and it’s so good. I love that with lavender as well, but just make sure you’re using the vitality version.

It also comes with Stress Away. People love Stress Away. It’s just one of those really good mood oils to kind of like uplift you a little bit. And yeah, people just seem to love stress away. I do too. I wouldn’t say I’m super stressed though. Yeah. Nevertheless, that is one of people’s favorites.


It also comes with a peppermint vitality. I’m not going to go through everything, but like I said, these are some of the best oils and a really good starting point. So here’s what the starter kit kind of looks like. I don’t know if you guys can see it, but you do open it up and it does come with those oils.

But then inside it also comes with some of Young Living’s other like best-selling things. Here’s the Ninja red, which is kind of like a juice. It’s an antioxidant juice is delicious. A lot of people love this. It’s very energizing, but it also comes with the thieves cleaner sample. And this is the next thing that I’m going to talk about because I love it so much.

The kit also comes with some sample bottles. It comes with a roller ball. So you can do some roller ball recipes. There’s just so many things that you can do with this starter kit, which is why I love it so much. Okay. So we’re going to move on from the starter kit.


Now we’re going to talk about the Thieves cleaner, which, oh my gosh. Like I, I’m not even a person that likes to clean, but I cannot tell you how awesome this stuff is. So here’s what it looks like. This is the thieves all purpose cleaner.

I know it looks like a small bottle, but this is extremely concentrated. So what you do is you get a glass bottle. I actually just got a few on Amazon. They’re super cheap. Uand all you do is fill this up. I think this holds about two cups, maybe two and a half cups. And then I just put like a cap full directly in this and I just shake it up. And this is an all purpose cleaner. You can also add some other oils to it.

Alot of people love adding lemon to this to make it smell really citrusy, but this on its own smells amazing. It’s kind of like a cinnamony smell and it is chemical free.

The kids could lick your floor and it’s not going to harm them at all. I feel so good about using this. I am a very strong stickler for not using chemicals. So this is perfect for me and my family. You can use this on wood glass floors. You can use it for like a stain remover on clothes.

I also love cleaning toys with this kids put toys in their mouth all the time, or even if they’re just touching it, then they put their hands in their mouth. So I don’t use any other cleaning products at all other than this. And this works amazing. So this does last about six months in your house. So a little goes a long way.

Like I said, the bottle is small, but depending on how often you clean, this is definitely an a last, a very long time. Now in the same category, this still is number two for me.


I do quickly want to talk the thieves laundry soap and the dish soap love these. They are thieves based as well. I know again, this is very small, but this is super, super concentrated. You barely even use like a quarter of a cap full in your laundry and your laundry smells great. I do have another laundry hack though that I will talk about it a little bit later, but I love this so much.

And then I also love the thieves dish soap, just because everything that we wash, like our cups, our plates, everything goes into our mouth that we put on that plate. And so as much as we love, like our normal Dawn dish soap, it is full of chemicals and this is not. This gets the job done. It cleans, it doesn’t really like bubble up too much, but that’s okay.

Usually what makes something, you know, bubble up or get really foamy is actually a chemical reaction. And again, since there’s no chemicals in this, it’s not going to get really foamy, but I’m telling you it works really well. It smells great. And it is very healthy. Oh, and I also want to say that they do have, what’s called an essential rewards program.

I think I’m just going to put it down in the description box below, because I think it’s so important when you are setting up for Young Living, because all you do is spend $50 each month, but you can completely customize what you get each month. So if you run out of the detergent or like body wash, I buy my kids bodywash and their toothpaste. I buy stuff for my husband like deodorant.

The next essential oil product that I love is actually there, a  Multigreen capsules. Now, if you’ve watched any of my videos, I often talk about how important it is to get your vegetables in on a daily basis. So this is full of greens. And a lot of times, even if we’re eating very healthy, it’s really hard to consume enough greens in our diet.

I love this product. It’s also infused with essential oils. And the reason I love this particular product so much is because essential oils have a way they’re kind of like a gateway oil to really opening up the cells in your body. And it makes things absorb better. So that’s why I love this. I feel like when I’m taking this, I am getting the, like the good stuff more into my body because of the essential oils that are infused in here.

They have so many other types of vitamins and minerals on their website. I do take others, but I can’t show you everything, but the multigrains is definitely one of my favorites. All right, now we’re going to get into a few essential oils that actually don’t come with a starter kit. I would say when it comes to Young Living, they are very, very well known for their blends, which basically means it’s not like a single oil, like there’s lemon, there’s peppermint. Those are single oils. There’s only lemon in the bottle, or there’s only peppermint, or there’s only lavender. Young Living is known for their blends, which is a combination of oils.

And I I’m telling you, I’m obsessed with like my all time favorite one is joy. And I’ve talked about this in a few other videos. Joy really helps me to feel happy. So I use this anytime I kind of have like a low mood. Maybe I’m feeling a little bit down and I’m telling you this smells so good. I loved if using this on its own, it has kind of like a florally scent.

If that’s not your thing, you might not like it. I also love using this as a perfume and it works great. I just put a few drops right on my wrist. I put it even right here. I, I can like smell it. And so I enjoy it. But then I also get compliments as a perfume. It has a bergamot ylang-ylang and geranium lemon, coriander, Jasmine Tangerine.

There’s so many different oils in here. So if I could recommend getting something, you know, outside of the starter kit, this would be my favorite one that I just really recommend. And I’ve gotten other people who’ve done it as well.

I also really love Grounding. Now I would say Grounding, It’s kind of like what it says. It kind of just gives you some mental clarity. It just grounds you. It makes you feel like relaxed and calm, but not like tired. I would say like lavender has a really great way of like promoting sleep. This just kind of gives you like a good, easy feeling. If that makes sense.

There are so many other blends though, on the website, literally anything you could think of, they have oils that are great for whatever genre you’re looking for. So peruse the website if this interests you, but those probably are my favorite mood oils. The next few oils I want to talk about, it’s just perfect for this time of year and it’s, it’s kind of fall. We’re getting into the Christmas season. So I wanted to talk about how amazing oils can be just for like the aroma and giving you like a sense of feeling.

So I personally love using the diffuser around the fall and Christmas time I have the Nutmeg and I have Cinnamon bark and these are vitality. So you can definitely use them in like drinks. You could use them in like coffee or lattes. Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. But you can also diffuse them and it really smells like fall. And like, I don’t know. It just gives you like a nice, warm feeling, but Oh my gosh, Christmas spirit. If this interests you at all, I’m telling you, this is probably going to sell out because this is that good. This just fills your house with Christmas spirit.

So what’s in it. There’s orange cinnamon, black spruce. So there’s a little bit of a pine scent to it. It just really smells like Christmas. I can’t even describe it more than that. A lot of people love using candles around the holiday season, but I’m telling you, those candles are really not good for you. They are filled with chemicals, you’re breathing them in. That’s why sometimes candles do give people headaches because they’re filled with toxins. So we don’t have any candles in my house. All we use our diffusers, a few places around the house and my kids and my family love it.

The next essential oil that I love is Purification. So again, this is kind of like a blended oil, but you can use it in many ways. I think it’s so cool. When we moved into this house, I kind of thought this house had an odd smell to it. Like it wasn’t a bad smell. It was just a different smell. And this really works to help, you know, clear the air. It really helps to eliminate any odors. It helps to fresh in the air.

You could also put this in a spray bottle and leave it in the bathroom. Some people like to use it like that, but the way I especially like to use it is actually directly in my laundry. It helps my clothes to smell amazing. So you can actually just put a few drops of this directly into the water, like in your laundry, or you can use what’s called a dryer ball and you would just put a few drops of this directly on to the dryer ball. You don’t even have to use Purification.

You could use any other essential oil that you just love the scent of, but put it directly on the dryer ball, put an in with your clothes to be dried and you pull out your clothes and they smell heavenly.

So again, this is really great for eliminating odors and helping to fresh in the air or your laundry or whatever. But again, if you have other favorites, this is a really cool option for your clothes and you don’t have to use those terrible dryer sheets that again are full of toxins.

Now we’re going to get into kind of like the beauty side of things, they have a full-blown makeup line. I actually haven’t used many products of those actually haven’t used any, what am I talking about? But Young Living has literally something for everything. They’ve like frying pans. They ha they have so much stuff, but I do want to get into the beauty side of things.

So I already talked about how much I love this beauty serum. Now I did get several comments saying that you should never put oils on your face because it will make you break out. And sometimes that could happen to people, but this isn’t completely like just oils. This is a serum. So it’s a little bit different than the other oils here. It’s very kind of diluted. It has other things in it that are really, really great for your skin. And I noticed a difference not only in like my skin’s texture, but also it’s just smells so freaking good.

Like I kind of have an incentive to using every night just because it smells so darn good. When I lay my head down on my pillow, like I thoroughly just enjoy smelling it, going to sleep. But then I also recently purchased this acne treatment because I don’t know what the heck’s been going on lately. I think it’s probably from me trying out so many new products. I get a lot of products in the mail, like just because I am kind of an influencer.

So I really like to try new things. So if I love something, I can tell you guys about it, but in the last few months, Oh my gosh, my skin right around here, which maybe it’s also hormonal. I’m not really sure, it’s been breaking out really bad. So the last three weeks I have been using this acne treatment, but it also does have 2% salycilic acid, which can help with acne.

hat I have noticed, I, like I said, I’ve only been using it for three months, but in combination with this and this, I can really tell that some of my acne around my chin is starting to dry up and go away. It’s still kind of there. I do still see some texture, but I do notice a difference with this. So that’s why I did want to include it in this video.

The next thing that I love is a super small product. It’s very cheap, but I just love it. I use it every night before bed and it’s just a Lavender Lip Balm. So this doesn’t have many ingredients. I think it’s just like coconut oil, lavender and some bees wax. There’s really not, oh, some Rose hip. So there are a few oils in it, but it mainly is lavender.

They have some other like flavors out there. And not that you eat this, I just mean there’s other sense. But lavender is my favorite. It’s just so nice. It really suits my lips. It really moisturizes. And again, it just smells amazing. So it’s a super cheap, but it’s really nice to just kind of add onto your order if you’re ordering something. Okay.

Now I want to talk about the roller ball blends that they have. Oh my gosh. I’m like addicted to these. I would say that tranquil is my favorite. It’s hands down. My favorite. I also have breathe again. So this does help open your airways. So a lot of people love putting this right on their chest right before they go to bed or it doesn’t have to be before you go to bed. But this is a great one. I love the scent of it, but this tranquil, oh my gosh, this is what they look like inside.

So they come in this really nice,ulittle tube and then you just open it up and it is a rollerball now tranquil,ulike I wish I wish YouTube was a thing where you could like actually smell and see and touch like what I’m talking about, but tranquil is heavenly. I love it so much. I could also use this as a perfume, but I do again, put it right here, I put it behind my ear. I put it on my wrist. I put it on the bottoms of my feet. I just love this stuff so much.

My kids love it my husband loves it. It is a blend of lavender, Cedar wood, Roman camomile, coconut oil. And as the name kind of suggests, it’s just very tranquil. It’s just really good at promoting calmness and mental clarity, even like brain health. Like I just feel really great when I use it. I can’t really explain it. Like it does have like a lavender scent to it. So it’s just kind of like a boosted lavender because there’s some camomile in it. I just really love it again. I probably love it most when I am going to sleep.


Now we’re on to my 10th favorite essential oil product and it is this insect repellent. So it is a little bit different. This is kind of odd. But the reason I’m talking about it is because it really did help us throughout this past summer. So depending on where you live, this may or may not be a good thing to have, but in the summer, we’re outside nonstop.

And I am so incredibly against Deet. I don’t know if you guys know what Deet is. It is a very, very strong chemical in almost every bug repellent. It is so incredibly bad for you. I cannot tell you how bad it is, but this is 100% deep free. It is filled with really good oils that repel bugs, and it worked so well for us. I just applied it all over my kids’ bodies. My husband me really helps to repel the bugs and mosquitoes.

Obviously I’m not saying this is going to prevent every single bug out there. I mean, don’t hold me to that or anything. I’m just saying this really did help. And it made a huge difference. And it’s just one of my favorite things to kind of always have on hand.

So those are my 10 favorite essential oil. Like I said, some of them are actual oils. Some of them are other products like maybe for the kitchen, laundry, just your household in general. Like I said, if you have any questions, please email me at sheawhitneyoilsatgmail.com. I would love to answer some of your questions.

I love talking about oils and I will be doing a series of separate videos that if you do end up ordering, then you can have access to that. Because I do think I have some other helpful information for you guys. And like I said, this isn’t really what my channel is about, but I want to share some things with you.

If this does interest you like it interests me. And if you guys are wondering what this is, this is actually my essential oils box. I got it right on Amazon. It’s actually pretty inexpensive. They also have like a briefcase looking thing, but I love this because I actually just have it sitting right on my nightstand and I can put all of my oils right in here.


I kind of have them organized based on the types like whether I like to have them with water or I like to diffuse them. I just have them all organized my favorite way, but this is actually a larger compartment and that’s for the larger sized bottle. 

So that is my take on Young Living Essential Oils. I hope you enjoy my article. I understand I am not a great writer, but I am a big believer in essential oils.

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