Uforia Science (1U) Press Release

Important Announcement from ÜFORIA Science!

For Immediate Release:

DNA industry heavyweights, ÜFORIA Science and MaVie have today announced a merger to form a dynamic new consumer genomics company.

MaVie CEO Abboud Barakat & ÜFORIA Science CEO Ron Williams today announced a definitive merger agreement to enhance their DNA personalized global product offering to become the worlds’ leading and most significant, DNA- wellness enterprise in history.

MaVie is a pioneering consumer genomics company that has created a unique artificial intelligence with proprietary technology that offers dynamic-DNA skincare, nutrition, fitness, personality and inborn talent reports, in addition to personalized DNA meal plans, fitness routines and skincare products.

ÜFORIA is the leading supplier of DNA personalized nutrition and supplements and has the ability to produce nearly 400 million unique formulas built from exclusive and proprietary software and technology.

This exciting partnership was formed to unify their proprietary DNA science and increase market share globally. It will be a worldwide industry leader with the combination of Mavie’s markets in Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia and ÜFORIA’s market in North America.

The company will be managed and developed by Mr. Abboud Barakat as Chairman and Mr. Ron Williams as CEO.

Ron Williams stated: “Today we are making history, the coming together of two DNA-industry heavyweights, in what we believe to be the perfect union. This is an actual merger where 1+1=10”.

The merger will operate under the name One You, a powerful new brand which celebrates individuality, and the illuminating fact that we are indeed 1 unique person among over 7 billion people on Planet Earth.

It is expected this newly formed partnership will allow for the expansion of new markets, the introduction of new personalized products to customize lifestyle and corrective actions for the global mass market.

Abboud Barakat said “We feel strongly that joining forces will allow us to realize our strategic goals as we aspire to be the next billion-dollar company. This goal will be realized through our unique customized-DNA products backed by unrivaled, world class science. In addition, One You offers training led by industry expert Eric Worre and logistics expertise backed by LaCore Enterprises.

The integration of both companies will take place over the next 90 days and will culminate in a celebratory launch in Las Vegas, August 2020.

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