Billion $$ DNA Weight Loss Secret

What if losing weight was a simple as replacing your over the corner vitamins with a personalized nutritional supplement based upon your personal DNA?

The Process is Simple 4 Step Process

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Please don’t misunderstand. Yes, personalized DNA Nutrition appears to
be a Magic Bullet for Losing Weight for some, but not for everyone. Uforia
Science provides nutritional products based upon you own personal DNA, THEY ARE NOT MARKETING A WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM.

Uforia customers never again have to worry about if they are taking the right nutritional products, and with the right DNA Supplements many customers start losing weight, almost immediately. Not because they are on a weight loss program, but because their body is getting the exact nutrition it needs.

Genetics plays an important role in diseases such as breast cancer and osteoporosis. But what about the growing epidemic of obesity?

So, the question I think people are starting to ask because this is a relatively new research that’s been coming out is; “is there something…are there some people who are genetically more predisposed to obesity than others? Predisposed to obesity is a good way to say this. We know all about the environment certainly that contribute.

But there are biological factors that are hardwired in your DNA that can make it easier to gain weight. Now that used to be a good thing when we were hunter-gatherers, and there weren’t supermarkets. If you had the ability to store extra fat, you’d be a survivor in times of famine. But now when food is around everywhere, that can actually work against you and make it  harder  to lose weight.

And there isn’t one specific DNA Snip, according to scientists.  Different people have different fat genes, but there are several genetic markers that contribute to each individual.   Do different Genes react differently for different people.?  

This is a good question because we hear about genes and your DNA. What does this mean? It means how your body is processing food, how you store fat, how you break it down.

The brain chemistry that says “am I hungry? am I full?”’ The relationship of insulin and glucose how this sensitivity arises so all of these factors from head to toe are all connected to DNA into these kinds of genetic changes. And so, these are the things that contribute to weight later in life.

A person who has a lot of these factors, lot of these genetic markings, who don’t supplent their diet correctly are going to have a tougher time losing weight.  They may have a tougher time. It doesn’t mean you’re destined to be severely obese, but it does mean that it may be harder to maintain a healthier weight.

What else are scientist saying that we might want to know so we can understand?

The most interesting thing is a group of Stanford scientists have taken some people and put them on four different regular diet plans, is actually a very well-known study. And as you might imagine, everyone lost weight when they cut calories. When they went back and then partnered one of the DNA marker test companies, to take a cheek swab, and say, “let’s look at some genetic markers and put people in a diet group where you think it would optimize their weight loss”. Each participant lost more weight compared to when they were just randomly assigned to a plain diet.

So, things like how your fat is broken down, how it’s going to be stored, these are genetic markers that indicate a high fat diet, A low-fat diet, what kind of exercise you should do, are all going to help to do this. So, you can optimize your weight loss if you know a little bit about your genetic background.

Many are starting to understand that for optimum health it just makes sense to understand genetic background so that we can optimize our health and weight loss area.  So, how do can people take advantage of this latest scientific research? 

 You want to find out about it by looking at your family tree. But be honest and say, well if we’re big eaters we’d do a lot of restaurant eating things that are going to say we have social habits that make us heavier.

But if you’re really doing all the right things and have healthful habits and you’re a little heavier, then sort of reset your goals. Talk to your doctor about a healthy weight for you because even in that BMI the height to weight ratio; here’s about a Thirty or Forty pound range that keeps you healthy.

So, make realistic expectations. Don’t try and be, you know, as thin as possible. That’s not the goal, you want to be healthy. But also does this also tell us that it’s true what we also hear that some diets might work better for some people and other diets might work better for other people. In other words, no one diet is for everyone. When it comes to diets, one size does not fit all. You do need to trim calories.

But if you vary the kind of nutrients you have, whether it’s carbohydrate, or fat, or protein to optimize how your body is utilizing them, that can give you the advantage, if you have that genetic predisposition to gain weight.  So, if you’ve got obese…and..just thinking about the people now who are really struggling with obesity in their family; especially, and I’ll think about their kids. they suspect looking back in their family history that there is a genetic predisposition; then what is the most important thing that they can do?

The number one thing you can do now is stop taking over the counter vitamins and minerals and start consuming nutritional supplements that are designed exclusively for you from Uforia Science.

Be positive, you’re not doomed to failure even if you have an assortment t of heavy genes. But you want to start early. In the future this science and DNA supplementation will start in the womb, the first environment. Eat properly. Pregnant moms, don’t gain too much weight. In your infants and children, feed them moderately. You know a big jolly heavy baby is not a happy or healthy baby necessarily. Be mindful the same kinds of things apply for children and adults. Lots of colorful vegetables, low fat intake, moderate protein.

Be mindful and always be active. So, it sounds like this gives people direction as well as I think, I suppose a degree of self-acceptance, because you’re basically saying, that this new science is saying, that part of this is just how it is, how it is supposed to be. Except yourself be healthy, it’s not as thin as you can be don’t stress out about it.  Make healthy decisions, and take vitamins and minerals that are designed specifically for your DNA seems to make a lot of sense.