The 10 Best Vitamins for Brain Function, Remove Brain Fog & Increase Clarity

Dr. Jamison David

Hey guys Dr. David here, and today we’re talking about the top 10 supplements to improve your brain. So, we’re talking about improving your memory, your mindset, your mood. So you can be happier, remove brain fog, and have increased clarity.

With the right nutrients you can think sharper, have better cognitive acceleration, be able to adapt, and react quicker and more effectively on a daily basis.

We’re also talking about overall just really feeling great and living your life at your highest level. So, here are some supplements, there’s a lot of supplements I could talk about, try to narrow it down to my top 10. So, number one on my list is:

Vitamin D

You probably heard of Vitamin D in the past, right?  It’s huge. In fact, we know that Vitamin D is actually incorrectly named. It shouldn’t really be a vitamin; it should actually be called a hormone, or, what we call a Prohormone, because it actually helps stimulate the production of hormones.

So, Vitamin D plays over a thousand genes in our body. That’s a huge, huge, impact. In fact, in the brain we find Vitamin D receptors all over a region of our brain called our Hippocampus, which is where we store memory. That’s where we create short-term long-term memories, in that hippocampus.

So, it’s extremely powerful for brain function and memory, absolutely huge. On top of that research has shown that Vitamin D helps stimulate the production of Neurotransmitters, help stimulate neural growth, so nerve cells (right, our brain cell grows), and helps with improving what we call synaptic density, or the little gaps between neurons where the neuro chemicals in a sense interact, the communication takes place. That’s huge for overall high-level brain function, cognitive acceleration, being creative, really important for all of those things.

So, basically, they did a study; this is the one that was done in 2019. It was done in England, and what they did was they took adults 3,100 different adult men between the ages of 40 and 79 from 8 different countries in Europe. Huge study!

They took people from all different geographical areas in Europe. And what they found was that these men who had the lowest levels of Vitamin D, they actually had slower cognitive acceleration, right? So, meaning that their cognitive, their brain function was much slower and they’re at much greater risk for developing things like Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, and different things like that. So it was a very significant study.

There was another study that this group of brain researches did earlier, that was published in 2010 in the archives of Internal Medicine. And, It took a group of men, and what they found was that the individuals that had a Vitamin D deficiency between 20 and 30 years old was almost as high as those between 50 – 60 years old. In other words study after study has told us that virtually all of us are deficient in vitamin D. Women, men, young, old it really doesn’t matter.

So, if you were to get your Vitamin D tested, you could actually see where your level is and if you’re in that range. I see it all the time, looking at different patients’ blood work. Those individuals had a 42% greater likelihood of developing cognitive impairment; meaning that, in a sense, their brain was impaired like brain damaged, in a sense, to where they couldn’t think sharp, they couldn’t really react and do things effectively.

Then they looked at the adults that had 19 Nanograms, literally or less, like severely deficient, and what they found is they had a 394 % increase in cognitive impairment. That is huge! Right?

So, we look at that, we realized Vitamin D just plays such a critical role in our brain function, our ability to think sharply, quickly, to react quickly, to store memories. You know what? If we want to age effectively, if we want to perform effectively today, we need to make sure our Vitamin D levels are optimizing. The best way to maximize your Vitamin D and all Vitamin and minerals in your body for that matter is with an in home DNA Health test.

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If for some reason the Uforia Science route doesn’t make sense for you, your next best option would be to have your Vitamin D levels tested in a physicians office.

If you can get out in the sun on a regular basis. I recommend doing sunbathing once or twice a week. Right? Making sure you’re getting in a sense, try and build a little tan, or getting a little bit pink, you obviously don’t want to get sunburned but getting out there in the sun can provides
the best, natural way to increase your vitamin D.

You can also supplement. You know I’m a big fan of doing Vitamin D supplementation. I recommend 1,000 international units per 25 pounds of body weight is a great idea, a great way to do it.

Vitamin D is fat soluble; so always take it with food you always wanted to get with food, okay. Ideally, early in the day because it’s slightly stimulating.  So, it’s a great idea there with the vitamin D.

Fish Oil

My second Brain supplement is fish oil. So, we know that Omega-3s particularly a long-chain Omega-3s. EPA & DHA are extremely powerful for Neuron function, for developing Neurotransmitters, for storing memories. These are omega-3s we can’t get from things like Flax Seeds. Flax Seeds are a small chain Omega-3, and we only convert anywhere from 6 to 10 % of this small chain Omega-3 over to EPA and DHA. See, you get a very small percentage of conversion much better to go ahead.

Eat wild-caught salmon, use a quality filtered molecularly distilled Omega-3 supplement that’s rich in EPA and DHA, and that will dramatically improve your brain, your mood, your memory, your cognitive acceleration.

I recommend starting out with about 1 to 2 grams a day. Always take it with food; it’s fat soluble we want to take that with food. And, you know you can start with 1 or 2 grams a day you can move up to about 3 to 5 grams a day. In fact, when I’m working with individuals with depression ADHD, Neurodegenerative conditions like Dementia, and Alzheimer’s, I’m usually doing 3 to 5 grams sometimes even up to 7 to 10 grams a day. And seeing really good results with that. So, fish oil; amazing.


Third supplement we’re talking about is Probiotics. We know that the gut, your digestive system, your gut, it’s called the second brain. We actually produce 90 to 95% of our Neurotransmitters, even though they’re called Neuro, meaning that; we think of it as far as a nerve system in the brain.

We actually produce 90 to 95 percent in the gut, and there’s direct connections between the gut and the brain. We know that kids with ADHD, kids with Autism, adults with Neurodegenerative conditions. Basically, they all have a bad Microbiome of bad bacterial balance and it’s causing Hyperexcitability in the brain. Anxiety very much linked with that. So, we’ve got to take care of our gut. Getting good gut bacteria, things like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, getting the right strains, the right quantities in there.

So, supplement the good Probiotic can make all the world a difference. Can help produce B Vitamins, it was actually the best way to get B vitamins is actually with a healthy gut. Produces B Vitamins that help regulate brain function. It also helps reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in a sense; Neuro toxic chemicals that are released from our digestive system.

Bad bacteria, yeast parasites oftentimes will secrete toxins that damage our brain. Good bacteria help crowd them out, get rid of those bad guys and helps secrete good stuff you know. I always tell my patients that parasites, bad bacteria, they eat our nutrients. They see our nutrients and they produce Toxins that damage our body. Whereas, good bacteria, the good guys the probiotics they go ahead they eat Toxins. They get rid of Toxins and then they produce B Vitamins and all kinds of great nutrients that support our bodies. So, Probiotics; super key!


Another one is Magnesium. Magnesium is extremely important for overall function. In fact, a lot of researchers say Magnesium to the brain and to the body, is kind of like oil to the car. You know we need 1 or 2 grams of Magnesium a day from either our diet, from supplementation in order to do all of our vital functions, and most people in society are actually Magnesium deficiency. You know, if you’re out there and you’re suffering with ADHD, anxiety, trouble sleeping like Insomnia, definitely Magnesium can be absolutely huge for that.

And so, Magnesium helps actually with the blood-brain barrier, it helps protect the blood-brain barrier. It’s kind of the blockade, the more that we can in a sense keep that blood brain barrier tight and impermeable to toxins like mercury and aluminum and pesticides and all kinds of stuff like that may be in our system, the better our brain is going to function, the less inflammatory damage we’re going to have in our brain. Magnesium is the key for that.

You can also get types of magnesium that cross the blood-brain barrier and reduce the effects of stress, hormone production in our brain, which will help us sleep better, which help us with better focus, better thinking processes. The type of magnesium that does best at crossing the blood-brain barrier it’s called Magnesium L-Threonate. I use a product; it’s called Brain Calm Magnesium. It’s one of my favorite products to put my clients on.

I see tremendous results people sleeping better, cognitive function, better memory, and it’s one of my go-to is I use on a daily basis for optimal performance. So, it’s loaded; it’s got a gram of Magnesium l3 and eight in each serving each small serving and it tastes good it’s a little kind of like a little punch drink that you can drink throughout the day to help your body adapt to stress, help protect your blood-brain barrier, and help in a sense help you focus, and think sharply or at night to help you fall asleep more effectively. So, Magnesium super key! we definitely want to be doing that.


Next one is B12. You know B12 actually helps with the production of Myelin which actually surrounds nerve cells right ? So, it actually surrounds nerves. In fact, we hear about things like multiple Sclerosis where we’ve got damage and destruction to the Myelin Sheath.

Well, B12 is critical with that. B12 is, super key for helping our body conduct nerve signals throughout the body. In fact, here some of the some of the signs of B12 deficiency number one sign is fatigue right? Because we’re just getting poor neurological function, we’re not producing enough energy.

Another sign is Neuropathy. So, we might feel numbness and tingling in our hands I hear that for patients all the time and I’m thinking okay. This could be diabetes, it could be nerve stress, or Subluxation pinching the nerve in the spine. Could also be a B12 deficiency.

Those are like top three things I think of, and very commonly I see issues with B12. One of the reasons why we see so much deficiency in B12, is because we need good stomach acid to absorb B12 from our diet. And what we know is that, as we age, we get lower and lower levels of stomach acid.

But you know what? I see poor stomach acid, in a lot of younger people as well, because we’re constantly eating on the go, we’re stressed out all the time. High stress and poor eating habits; you’re going to deplete your body’s ability to produce healthy stomach acid, going to cause you to have improper absorption. Improper absorption of the B12, and therefore, at risk for B12 deficiency.

So, B12 super key! You know, and for most people when I supplement with B12, will do a dissolvable B12 that gets right in the bloodstream. They see immediate benefits, really impacts their brain, their energy, Neurotransmitter formation all different types of stuff. It is absolutely amazing.

CoEnzyme Q10

Next supplement we’re talking about it’s called Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 is within the Mitochondria or in a sense, the little engine in all of our cells. The Mitochondria produces the energy. Coenzyme Q10 is antioxidant and actually helps form energy within the Mitochondria.

So, what we find is that individuals especially as we age, very deficient in Coenzyme Q10. Supplementing with that has been shown to have dramatic effects overall on the brain.

N-acetyl L Cysteine (NAC)

Another one that we’re talking about is called N-acetyl L Cysteine. And this actually helps boost something called Glutathione, and Glutathione is our body’s master antioxidant. And so, Glutathione has been shown to improve things like depression Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s.

You know, if we’re developing issues like that, that’s actually a sign of Glutathione deficiency. The body itself is not able to protect the DNA, there we end up with genetic mutations and genetic abnormalities that take place because we’re Glutathione deficient. So, N-acetyl L Cysteine is a precursor to Glutathione. It’s been shown to have dramatic results with all those types of conditions.

It also helps protect the brain from inflammation, inflammatory stress, and heavy metals like mercury and aluminum. You know, we see mercury as a common issue with a lot of different neurological problems. Alzheimer’s, we find aluminum within the damaged brain cells. We find aluminum with Alzheimer’s. So, this is going to help protect against that.


Next up we’re talking about is Zinc. And zinc is super key. We see a lot of people deficient in zinc. Again, we need good stomach acid to produce a Zinc. So, it’s similar to the B12 issues. And Zinc is really good for reducing inflammation in the body, very key for producing Dopamine which helps give us focus and energy and goal setting.

Zinc also helps produce Serotonin which helps calm us, relax us, helps reduce pain in our body. And Serotonin converts into Melatonin which helps us sleep so people have Zinc deficiencies, often times they have a lot of trouble sleeping and getting into a deep sleep which affects their overall health.

Zinc is super key! Lots of research out there showing how Zinc improves ADHD, Depression, mood disorders as well as Neurodegenerative, conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

And a last something we’re going to talk about something called Alpha Lipoic Acid. And Alpha Lipoic Acid is really powerful overall for brain chemistry. And Alpha Lipoic Acid actually, it’s unique because it’s both fat soluble and water soluble.

So, it crosses in and out of different organs like our brain; because our brain is mostly fat. So, it crosses right into the brains, the brain cells can cross out, and very powerful effects at scavenging free radicals.

So, it reduces Oxidative stress. It’s also really good at chelating and pulling things like mercury out of the body. So, we love Alpha Lipoic Acid it’s really, really, good.

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

And actually, one more bonus supplement that I forgot it’s called Phosphatidylserine. And Phosphatidylserine is actually a really powerful nutrient that in a sense is it’s super powerful.

So, believe it or not, it’s hard to believe, but our ancestors actually, when they would kill an animal, they used to eat the whole animal including the brain. And we look at animal brain, it’s loaded with Phosphatidylserine. And so, obviously today, we’re not eating brain; but we can supplement with this. And Phosphatidylserine is incredible.

In fact, they did a study, a 2014 study, and what they actually showed, they give a number of kids 200 milligrams of Phosphatidylserine a day for two months. And what they found is that these kids had significant improvements in symptoms of ADHD, academic performance, overall mood, and behavior.

Lots of studies on Phosphatidylserine; it’s something I take personally on a regular basis. Really, really, profound. You know if you’re looking for a supplement that combines a lot of these things. I have a supplement called Brain-Supercharged; it uses Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetylcysteine, Phosphatidylserine. A bunch of these things that we just talked about. Kind of in clinical dosages that really give a dramatic benefit. Something I use personally to help me perform at an extremely high level, and I recommend it for all my high performers.

Thankfully, my Uforia Science nutrition has the exact amount for all of the above vitamins and minerals for me, based upon my own DNA Test. The good news, is you can now do the same DNA test in the privacy of your own home, and send it directly to the Uforia Hippa certified lab if you choose to, and YES you can even have your own customized nutritional supplements made, and shipped to your door each month. Myself and tens of thousands of customers in the United States and Canada are doing this at the time of this writing. Why not you? To me it just makes good sense, and ultimately saves many of us Vitamin Believers money! You can click here and order you in home DNA Test Kit to get started.

If you’re out there, you want to be a better student, you want to be a better leader, better manager, a better parent, and if you just want to perform at a higher level that’s definitely something good to look into.

If for some reason you are not reay for a customized DNA based nutritional product mailed to your door every month. (It doesn’t get much easier or convenient) I would start with a core of things like Omega-3s, Vitamin D, Probiotics, Magnesium, Zinc. That would be more of our core then we can move into a specialized supplement like a Brain Supercharged if you’re ready to take things to the next level once you got the basics under control.

These are powerful supplements to help improve your brain function. So hopefully you get a lot out of this article, and but what you have read into action. You know, if you’re using one of these supplements and you’ve seen changes in your brain, please leave a comment, and imagine the improvements if you used more, or just had a custom blend created for you from Uforia.

Over the years many of our patients have noticed improvements. Share with others! Many vitamin believers have been experimenting and using these kinds of supplements to improve their brain and their body.

At this point and time with all the testimonies and studies that have been published it should be more than obvious that if we take action, we can improve our over all health and cognitive brain function with the right supplements.