Can Adults Take Chewable Children’s Vitamins?

For many years, parents have been providing their children with vitamins to help them grow strong and healthy. This is because children are still growing and need all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients during this time in their lives to maintain proper health.

For adults, the need for vitamins is different since the growing stage has been completed. It can be tempting to see your children’s vitamins on the shelf and wonder if you can take them as well. However, before you answer that question, you should ask if you need to take vitamins in the first place?

Do adults really need to take vitamins at all?

It is hard for me to understand why some outdated text books and out of the loop health care professionals could still try to make the argument that adults don’t need to supplement their diets.

Who among us eats a balanced diet EVERYDAY?

Do we not understand how many of the vitamins and minerals in foods have been destroyed by the time the reach the table?

So the answer is of course adults who want to live at an optimum level of health and vitality should supplement their diet with good multi-vitamins and minerals.

Children’s vitamins are for children and don’t come close to providing the recommended daily allowance for adults

If you fit one or more of the following conditions, you may want to take make sure you are taking at least and adult multi-vitamin daily.

  • Limited sun exposure
  • Pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant
  • Poor diet
  • Smoke or drink alcohol regularly
  • Vegetarian

Vegetarians need extra B12 while those out of the sun need more Vitamin D. If your doctor has determined that you need vitamin supplements, then can you take your children’s vitamins?

Can Adults Take Kids
Flintstone Vitamins?

The answer is yes, you can take vitamins that are primarily marketing towards children. That includes Kids Flintstone Vitamins which are some of the most popular on the market. The reasoning is rather simple since vitamins for kids are the same as vitamins for adults. The only difference apart from the packaging is that children’s vitamins have a lower dosage compared to adults.

But this can be desirable. Taking a lower dosage of certain vitamins will help your body get its daily required amount without putting your health at risk. There are doctors who have prescribed or recommended children’s vitamins, including the chew-able kind to their patients just for that reason. The benefits of taking children’s vitamins include the following.

Easy: If you are paying for your kid’s vitamins, then simply add another bottle to your shopping cart. That way, you will not have to search for adult vitamins.

Fewer Side Effects: Taking too much of certain vitamins and minerals such as calcium for example may cause nausea, diarrhea, and other mild issues. Since the dosage of kid’s vitamins is lower, you can reduce the risk of diarrhea.

If you have a vitamin deficiency, it is best to check with your doctor first. Changes to your diet or selecting a particular vitamin or mineral supplement may work best. However, if you need a wider range of vitamins at a lower dosage compared to adult versions, then kid’s vitamins may be the right choice for you.

However the reason most adults choose to take kids vitamins is they can be chewed and not swallowed. However there are chew-able adult vitamins available.

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