Best Supplements for Clear Skin & Energy

Morgan Elder

As most of the people reading this article probably know, I have made some major adjustments to my the supplements I use since discovering Uforia Health Science. After studying vitamins, minerals and the role they play in skin care and over all health for nearly 10 years, the page has turned in the supplement world. At the time of this writing, most don’t realize that they too can now have personalized, customized nutrition shipped to their door every month.

So in this article I will share with you the vitamins and minerals that are accepted as skin support supplements. However, we are all different with
different DNA, that is why I have eliminated my daily regiment and now
just take the 10 tablets a day their have been customized for me, based upon my own DNA.

So if you have not yet hear about Uforia, or know what the U-tritionator is
I highly suggest before you buy any specific supplements for your skin, that your read the Uforia Review by clicking here. Many of us who have been studying this topic for years, believe this is the future, and you can access
it now.

With that said, and because some of you are only interested in skin supplements , I will share with my list with you here. However all these ingredients and many more are in my personal dna supplements from Uforia.

If you guys have been with me for some time you know that I suffered quite a bit with acne. I really have to take care of my skin and these supplements are a huge, huge key for me. Some of these are what really helped me to completely clear up my acne a few years ago. I have talked about these supplements in different articles, but I wanted to do one final article that could hopefully be a really good reference for you guys if you are also dealing with skin issues. Some of these have really been just complete life savers for me, and, I always like to go to the source of the issue when it comes to dealing with acne or just any health-related or skin issue.

I think, you know, there’s a certain place for good skin care products, and things that we can do topically to support our skin, but I think it’s really important to go to the source of the problem and balance that out.

You don’t have to always go and treat it topically when it’s already on the skin. You want to fix it from the inside so that the outside can be beautiful as well. And, as I mentioned, these are really good for treating acne and for just skin health, but a lot of these are also gonna work really well just for your overall body, for energy production, for increasing your immune system, and of course with all of these supplements. It’s really important to just look at like overall lifestyle as well.

Having a balanced diet, making sure that you’re staying hydrated, that you’re sleeping, that you’re exercising. All of those good things that I’m sure you guys already know, but I do want to mention it because it’s not just like taking one supplement or using one skincare product, other than probably Uforia supplements will be your magic bullet.

I really try to approach things from a holistic way, and when you do these things in combination you can really see some amazing results. Definitely do lots of research and speak to a doctor before you start taking anything. So, just a little disclaimer before we get started. But, now let’s jump into my supplement list, for those that are looking for individual supplements for your skin.


The first supplement I want to talk about is zinc. I think this is one of the best supplements that you can take if you have acne prone skin. If you suffer with breakouts, this is just a little pot of gold right here.

Zinc is an amazing anti-inflammatory mineral. So, inflammation is one of the main things that can cause acne breakouts on our skin. Inflammation can come from having too much sugar in our diet, having too many processed foods, and even stress can cause inflammation in our body and we don’t want that.

So, this is very anti-inflammatory, can also really help with speeding up wound healing which is especially important if you have like active acne that needs to heal up. And it’s something that really helps to strengthen our immune system and fight viruses and bacteria. So, zinc is an overall amazing supplement to take; and zinc is a mineral that has been shown to be pretty low in people who do suffer with acne.

So, supplementing with zinc is incredible, and, I’ve been taking zinc for many many years, and, especially when I first healed that very very bad stint of acne that I had a few years ago. Zinc was amazing. After trying multiple Zinc supplements over the years my go to Zinc product is Dr. Mercola’s.


Another amazing supplement for the skin is CoQ10. This is something that’s found naturally in our body, so, it’s present in every cell and every tissue. But as we age the production of CoQ10 slows down within our body as does other things when we age. So, I like to take this as a support for my body and CoQ10 is really good for the skin, specifically because it helps in the production of Collagen and of Elastin in the skin.

So, naturally when we stop producing as much CoQ10 as we age, then the production of Collagen and Elastin also decreases. So, we want to do things that help to support our body in keeping those productions going. And it’s also a very strong antioxidant which is again really good for helping to remove like periodicals and anything damaging in our bodies. Plus, it helps reduce, I believe it’s like 95% of our body’s energy. So, it is essential for our energy.

So CoQ10 is really good for lots of different things, but especially for your skin and your energy production. So, I take one of these as well at every single day, or at least I did until discovering Uforia, but my Uforia DNA
has CQQ10 and every other ingredient I will be covering in this article, so my daily consumption of these vitamins and mineral are all there
for me in my personal DNA nutrition.

Vitamin A

The next one I want to talk about for people who suffer with acne is Vitamin A. For those who have really suffered with a lot of acne, I’m sure you would have heard of the medication called Accutane.

One of the main ingredients that makes Accutane really work is Vitamin A, but it’s given in very, very high dosages in Accutane. But when I was doing all my research a few years ago, when I really wanted to find, you know, a solution for my skin, Vitamin A was something that a lot of people said along with the Zinc that really helped them.

I don’t take this every single day though I take this like maybe once a week, or you know a couple times per week. But it is something that you want to be careful with the dosage; so, you don’t want to take too much of this because it’s really strong. I always have used Carlson Vitamin A and have
been very pleased with the quality of the product and the results it provided for my skin.

But if you do really suffer with a lot of acne, vitamin A has been shown to be really helpful with that. So, I would look into this one as well if you are
not having a custom supplement from Uforia made for you.

Burdock Root

The next supplement I want to share with you is Burdock Root. So, this is an herb and this is known to be a purifier for the body. Research indicates it’s really good for purifying your blood, your liver, your kidneys, and all of that makes it especially beneficial for acne because it helps to lower inflammation in the body which is again a huge, huge, importance.

It goes back to again just trying to balance out and heal internally so that it doesn’t show up on the outside of your skin. After testing many supplements I just started ordering certified organic Burdock root in 1 pound packages to mix in with salads and other dishes. This seemed to
make the most impact for me.

So, Burdock Root is something else that’s really, really, powerful and this is something that I was taking a lot when I had a lot of acne breakouts. But you can just take this in general even if you don’t suffer a lot with acne. It’s just again a great herb to help to support your liver, your kidneys, and your lymph nodes.

Another important part when it comes to inflammation is to make sure that you’re taking care of your gut, of your digestion, and I have a whole article on this if you guys haven’t seen it already,

But a really good thing to do for your gut is to take probiotics which are the good bacteria that help to line your digestive system or your intestines.

So, probiotics supplement like this, for example, is really good. Especially if you’ve been on antibiotics, or if you don’t have a very strong immune system. There is so much that goes on in our guts. ‘I’ll I go into more details in the video that is linked, but in your gut you’re also producing most of your serotonin which is the chemical that makes us feel good, makes us happy, helps to regulate our mood, and then that Serotonin is sent to the brain.

So, there’s a very big connection with your gut and your brain. They actually say that your gut is like your second brain so it’s really important that we take care of it. I do live in Europe right now, so all of these supplements I’m showing you are available here in the EU, but if you do live in the US, I will link up the products I suggest in this article.

Clear Skin Complex

The next supplement that I want to talk about is from Viridian it’s called the Clear Skin Complex, and this is a really good kind of like all-in-one support for your skin. I’ve been taking this for I think almost two years and I love it. This got a really good blend of different things and a lot of what I already mentioned.

So, it’s got some good probiotics it also contains Burdock Root which is the one that’s really cleansing for your liver and your kidneys in your lymph. And it also contains zinc but the reason that I take an extra zinc “like this one” is because this only has 15 milligrams of zinc. I do like to take a little bit more but this is what I take when I travel because I don’t normally take all of these supplements.

This is just amazing and I would highly, highly, recommend this.
It’s a nice kind of all-in-one as well. So, if you don’t want to take
these things separately it’s two capsules per day but you just take it
once a day then something like this is amazing.

But as I have tried to stress throughout this article a new chapter in vitamins and supplements is here, which basically has taken everything vitamin junkies like me have learned over the years to the next level.

If is personal DNA Vitamins from Uforia, which I obviously cannot recommend highly enough. This takes out all the guess work regarding what is the best supplements for your personal skin and over all
health and well being. I want to make sure your guys don’t skim
through this article and miss this so I will place the Uforia overview
video here. Pay Close Attention this is going to blow your mind!

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Moving on to a slightly different category when it comes to skin. So, inflammation is of course, a huge thing and, gut health is a huge thing, but, something else that has a really big effect on our skin are our hormones. And, if our hormones are out of whack and they’re not balanced, then we can get lot of breakouts especially here around -our jawline, on our cheeks. It can a cause a lot of oiliness on the skin, so, we want to make sure that we’re addressing hormone imbalance as well.

Maca and Evening Primrose Oil

Two natural very, very, powerful and good supplement to take for balancing hormones are number one Maca and number two Evening Primrose Oil.

Again, these are two supplements that played a huge role when I was clearing up my acne. I did take the Maca in a supplement form but this is a powdered version that you can put into smoothies or into your cereal or whatever.

It’s all about preference, really, but I don’t take these very often anymore. But I do like them more so, when I have my period or if I’m cramping a lot or just like if I’m feeling kind of uneasy, and myself, and I know my time of the month is coming up, then something like this it’s really nice to just help to support my own natural hormone balance.

B Vitamins

Next, I want to talk about B Vitamins. So, B Vitamins are essential for energy production, for the formation of red blood cells in your body. B Vitamins also play a huge role in synthesizing serotonin which is again the chemical that makes us feel good, helps to regulate our mood, have a direct impact on your brain function, on your nervous system, on your cell metabolism, and of course, on your overall energy levels.

Again, this goes beyond your skin health, but it is really important for skin health as well. But just in general to support the overall well-being of your body. And when it comes to skin health, it actually helps to regulate the pigmentation of your skin so if you suffer with Melasma or Hyperpigmentation then Vitamin B12 is really good for that.

I have two different forms of Vitamin B12 that I like. Currently I’m taking this one. This is a liquid version of Vitamin B Complex. I just take about a little cap full of this it’s about 20 Milliliters. I take it in the mornings usually when I’ve had my breakfast, or if I forget I just take it at night but usually in the mornings. and it’s got six different B Vitamin. Its goy B1, B2, Niacin which is B3, B6, Biotin, and B12.

Omega 3

You can also take a capsule form if you prefer to do that. Another thing that I think I like to take are Omega-3s. So, this is a new bottle I was seeking once from Nordic Naturals before which I got when I was in the States; but these I have ordered here in Europe.

So, Mega 3s are really good for lowering inflammation which is a huge theme when it comes to skin health and just overall body health as well. Omega-3s have also been shown to be really good for the mood so it can help with depression, with anxiety, just really good for the nervous system.

They also help with eye health, with brain health with, I think just like for me the plumpness and the hydration of my skin as well. There are loads of benefits of Omega-3s. I would again just recommend to research about this.

This is not something that I take every single day though because I do eat fish, and I love wild salmon. So, you can get a lot of these Omegas from Salman or from different fish. But if I hadn’t had it for a while then I will supplement with this to kind of a balance it out. But I do think an inclusion of this is really good just for overall, even just for your hair health, for your nails. It’s just an amazing thing to supplement with.


Another supplement that I love to take is a Spirulina kind of Chlorella Wheatgrass mixture. Here again I have a capsule version and a powdered version. So, this is something that I put into my smoothies in the mornings. With kind of green algae like this, you’re getting so many good vitamins and antioxidants for your skin, for your hair, for just again your overall body health. And they bind with heavy metals in the body and help to carry them out so they’re really, really, detoxifying and just great for helping to strengthen your immune system which is again really important to take care of for all different types of things in our body. Only thing with these is that they don’t smell very good. It kind of smells like fish food; i guess algae is technically fish food. 🙂

Spirulina is an algae which grows at the bottom of the ocean and that’s what a lot of fish eat, and then again this is a mixture with Wheatgrass Chlorella and Moringa.

So, this is something that I add to my smoothies and this doesn’t taste that bad, especially when it’s mixed in with everything else you don’t really taste it but you get a lot of the good benefits.

Vitamin D

Another really important vitamin especially when it comes to your skin is
Vitamin D, which we get mostly from the sun. But I do also supplement with this when I last had my blood test, I was pretty low in Vitamin D, but it was also kind of like in the winter time so that’s pretty normal.

But just in general, I think a lot of people are low in Vitamin D, and Vitamin D plays a huge role in lots of different functions in our body, it’s also really important for our mood.

The one that I take is a liquid form that I just kind of leave underneath my tongue a little bit and then I swallow the rest. This one that I’m taking right now is in a liquid version but you can of course also find these in capsules.

I do try as much as possible though to get natural vitamin D from the sun, but I try to protect my face at least with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) because I don’t want to cause too much damage on the skin on my face. But going out for walks; for example, with a T-shirt or with you know, like something that your arms can absorb the vitamin D, your legs if you wear shorts. So, that’s something that I always think about as well when I go outside is like I want to invite that good vitamin D into my body. And again, I do supplement a little bit especially in the Winter when I know I am probably low.

Vitamin C

The last few that I want to talk about are not things that I take on a daily basis, but I do want to mention them. The first is Vitamin C. This is a time-released vitamin C and it’s a Bioflavonoide. I believe this is the more bio-available vitamin C than regular ones.

Vitamin C is so important for your body, and if you feel like you’re not getting enough Vitamin C through your regular diet then supplementing is really helpful. I don’t take this on a daily basis or even that regularly, because, I do have so much natural Vitamin C in my diet.

I usually have my water with lemon juice in the morning which is a great source of vitamin C of course. But also, just having lots of like plant foods in your diet; lots of greens are rich in Vitamin C, and of course fruits. So, I try to get like the natural whole version of the Vitamin C as much as I can. But again, if you feel like you’re not getting enough, or if you feel like you’re getting sick, you know like a cold or something like that, or you just want to strengthen your immune system, you know, before flight, or again if you’re feeling like drowsy, and a bit tired, then a Vitamin C supplement could be great for that.

I heard several years ago if you are starting to fee sick, take 1000 mg of Vitamin C every two hours, until you feel better. I have been doing this for years, and come to think of it I cannot tell you the last time I was sick.


Tumeric is another amazing supplement. This is so rich in different antioxidants and it’s been proven to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Cancer. Again, it’s very anti-inflammatory it’s super rich in antioxidants and that can also really help with just like your overall mood, and even arthritis and different difficulties that we can face as we age. And you know with just like stress and lifestyle things.

So Tumeric is a really nice very natural supplement that you can take. It’s literally just the spice like if you guys know turmeric spice in a capsule form like this. It has grown in popularity over the past couple of years for very good reason.


The last thing I want to share which I also don’t take on a daily basis but this is a supplement from the brand called Moon Juice. It’s called SuperYou. It’s a daily stress management; and it says that it’s clinically shown to reduce the signs and effects of stress and improve energy, mood, focus, and beauty. So, this has got different Adaptogenic inside and different mushrooms.

Ashwagandha is one of the main things in here that I think really works a lot on my system. And stress in general is such a killer in our body I kind of think of it like a black ink that runs through our body when we feel stress. It just it wreaks havoc on lots of different systems in our body. Can definitely lead to acne, and to breakouts, and it’s not good for our digestive system as well, and just of course our energy.

For me when I’m stressed, it just like, it drains my energy. So, I think it’s again balancing out the bodies so that it doesn’t suffer with these unnecessary things and strains that we put on our body.

Managing stress as well and just again looking into lifestyle things that you can do to help to lower inflammation in your body, making sure that you’re being mindful of what you’re eating. And that is really a huge, huge thing, but you know if some foods are just not able to provide as much of a nutrient that we need, for example, the zinc. Especially if you do have acne prone skin and you are lower in that it’s really important to supplement that.

In general, I think eating a whole foods diet, I think that went above all and also of course exercising, and sleeping, and spending time in nature. It’s all like a very symbiotic and harmonious way to heal our bodies and to balance our bodies and then these supplements can be really good additions for that as well. 

I hope at this point it is more than obvious that I am a Vitamin and Mineral believer! I know most of my readers are vitamin believers as well.

Non-believers always ask me, how much do you spend on vitamins every month? I can honestly say I have never looked at it as spending money, I have always felt I was investing in myself, my daily energy, and my long-term health. How much is your health worth?

You may feel that is some type of cliche question, but I don’t. I think it is a very important question that many people wish they had asked themselves much earlier.

Many people don’t think about investing in their health until it is too late.

I use to invest about $400 a month on my vitamins. Since I started
getting my personal DNA vitamins form Uforia Sciences, that
investment has been cut in half. Honestly, I would have invested
$800 a month to have a product designed exclusively for me based
upon my personal DNA.

So I am very thankful to have found this product when I was living in the United States.

So, those are the supplements that I have taken for my skin, for my
body, from my energy levels. I’ve had such great results with these supplements so I really hope that this article will be helpful.

Especially for our readers outside of the USA and Canada because
Uforia does not make their customized products available outside
the USA & CANADA yet.

As many of you know I lived in the states with a relative for a couple
of years. So my product is sent to them and then they forward it on to
me each month.

As always, I highly, highly, recommend that you do your own research and that you look into this stuff, and just knowing yourself really like trying to again go to the source of the issue and know that we’re not all the same. You know you might have a friend who can drink and eat and do whatever they want and they have beautiful skin but you do the same as her or him and you suffer with your skin. That is why so many people are finding the DNA Health Test from Uforia so valuable. Your DNA is your DNA and it will never change.

Just remember when the masses around the world are having
custom vitamin formulas manufactured for them every month
based upon their individual DNA profile, that you heard it first
from Morgan. As many of you know, I pride myself on being on
the cutting edge of new science as it relates to everything
in the supplement world.

So, not being harsh on yourself know that there are other people out there who also have to baby their skin and kind of like baby their health. You’re not alone in that, and, you just have to learn what it is that works for you, and, then keep doing that and have it be a long-term thing; a lifestyle thing. It really comes down to consistency and patience and giving your body time to heal and balance out and If you ask me at this point in time, what is the very best way to do that. I have communicated that over and over throughout this article. If you live in the United States or Canada and you are not taking supplements from Uforia Science, then why have you read this entire article? You are obviously a vitamin believer if you have read this far.

I hope you’re having a beautiful day thank you so much for reading this article and I hope the information I covered will help you have the best skin you possibly can. I know if you really want to you can control your body when you provide it the nutrients it needs. Talk to you soon in another article.