DNA Specific Vitamins

Dr. Eric Janowitz

Scientist have now discovered how you can do an in home DNA test and have a specific vitamin stack designed exclusively for you, and shipped to your door every month. You never have to concern yourself again if you are getting the right nutrition for your body to perform at it optimum level.


Interview with Kia Malone and Dr. Eric Janowicz on Daily Buzz Now

Hey it is 15 minutes to the top there, good morning sunshine, let’s get you plugged into the news. Groundbreaking medical study just out to help you fix genetic flaws that doctors say could eventually lead to disease.

Scientists are working to see if DNA tests can help pinpoint health flaws and then actually fix them by using a genetic guide to get you the key nutrients within a custom vitamin plan. Now Dr. Eric Janowicz joined us recently to discuss the amazing possibilities of super-powered vitamins.

Kia: Good morning doctor.

Doctor: Good morning Kia.

Kia: Okay first question. Assuming we all have them, can your genetic flaws actually be fixed, repaired with a vitamin?

Doctor: It seems that vitamins can positively impact our DNA in our genes, you know. The human genome project was started in 1992 to 2003 and they unlocked our genetic map. And what they discovered is that many of us have genetic flaws that can then lead to things like heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes. And what these researchers found is that many of us have genetic flaws that can be enhanced through specific vitamins taking a much higher dosage that can actually improve and tune up those genes.

Kia: We’re talking about soldiers on the battlefield; this could actually improve their performance out in the field?

Doctor: Yeah it seems that way you know your genes are like a loaded gun, and what I mean by that is you have your genetic makeup, but then you have triggers and what you do in your lifestyle. How you exercise, how you manage your stress, your way that you take care of your structure in your posture, and specifically your diet and your nutrition. So, adding vitamins specific to your DNA can greatly enhance your ability to function on and off the battlefield. I mean we all face life’s battles, so it’s important for the general population just as well.

Kia: Okay and these are better than Vitamin C, Vitamin E, I mean these are really super-powered vitamins. Can we just all take the same super-powered vitamin, does it work like that?

Doctor: Sure, so what I’d like to do, what I call a shotgun approach, but the reality is as many of us wind up taking too many different supplements, or taking too much of one, or two much of a little, not really getting the right ones that we need. So, what this technology allows you to really go ahead and bring it to the next level by getting specific to what you need.

Kia: Okay, one more question for you what’s the downside to this, I mean is it expensive, let me ask you this, will it change my eye color from brown to green will it you know make my ears bigger or smaller? I mean, give me the negative is it sounded too good.

Doctor: Sure. or it’s not going to cause any changes to your structure like your eye color or your ears. It is going to bring your health, helping you to the next level but you know the question you ask is smart, is that you know is this going to be expensive? Is it only for the rich? and in the past these tests used to be three or four thousand dollars but now they’re significantly much cheaper. I get to send my patients to a great company that does the testing and gives a month of supplements for under two hundred dollars and they are able to bring their health into the next level. It’s just amazing.

Kia: Thank you so much. Great information there; fascinating. Hey for more information if you’re interested in getting your own confidential genetic testing you can call the number on your screen or go to our website dailybuzzNow.com.