DNA Personal Meal Plan Reports

Uforia Science announced yesterday that the long awaited Personal Meal Plan Reports based upon an individuals DNA would be available for customers by June 1, 2020.

To be placed on our customer notification list, just shoot as an email at personaldnanutriton@gmail.com

Your personal DNA can help you shape up your meals and design meal plans that are totally unique to you and your DNA.

Unlock the power of personalized DNA based meals

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach to diet, nutrition, vitamins or meal plans. So with the Uforia personalized meal plan reports we help you discover your unique nutrigenetic profile, with an in-depth selection of personalized meal plan options.

Discover how to build your perfect meal, with carbohydrate & fat response, take control of your long-term health with personalized nutrient recommendations designed exclusively for you, based upon your DNA.

It is like having a personal chef, in your pocket

With the Uforia DNA Meal Plan report you will effortlessly discover recipes and shopping lists built for your goals, automatically personalized to fit your nutrigenetic profile from the start.

Just tell the Uforia Meal Planner what you want to achieve, your likes and dislikes and we’ll do the rest. The Uforia Meal Planner will even integrate with your favorite retailer, so you can fill your online shopping basket with everything you need for your genetically guided recipe plans.

Proper meal planning for health conscious individuals will go to a new level starting June first. Email us at the email address above to be put on our launch notification list.