DNA Vitamins


As vitamin consumer’s become more and more educated, they understand that the days of buying blind nutritional products off the shelf, on Amazon or through a mail order company are coming to an end.

Many scientist as well as consumers believe that DNA Vitamins will be to the supplement industry what Uber was to Taxi cabs. The future is hear, now, with a new company called Uforia who has a proprietary DNA Vitamin
manufacturing process to get customized DNA Vitamins to consumers.

Not only vitamins, but pharmaceutical companies will also be designing specific drugs for each individual based upon our own DNA.  Of course many drug companies will fight this, but it just makes too much sense, and this is a fight they cannot win, as we have previously written about in the article here:  The War on DNA Health.

Today is February 6, 2019. A search on Google for the specific term “DNA Vitamins” revealed 14,200 results.  So I don’t think there is any doubt that many in the know vitamin consumers understand this is the trend.

We found it interesting there were also twenty different paid ads from different companies for the specific search term

“DNA Vitamins”.

Most of these companies are offering kits that do very limited testing for a few specific SNPs of your DNA and then they are offering specific food, lifestyle changes, or off the shelf vitamins that can help you live a healthier life. 

It all makes sense as far as most consumers are concerned. Eating foods, and taking vitamins based upon your personal DNA makes sense to me personally, what about you?

However there is one United States company that is taking this DNA Vitamin Trend to the next level.  It is called Uforia Science, they offer a unique service and product that myself, my wife, my parents, and other family members are enjoying.

They don’t just offer you an in home DNA test kit that checks for a limited number of DNA SNPs.  They test for 18 SNPs that their scientific board of DNA specific researchers, scientist, and certified geneticist have identified as the SNPs that make the most impact on living a healthy life today and in the future.   SNPs related to heart health, cognitive thinking, weight loss, etc.

After the HIPPA compliant lab runs your DNA, you are sent a comprehensive 35+ page report making specific lifestyle, food, exercise, and vitamin recommendations.

This is what sets Uforia Science apart from most other companies.  

Your DNA results will never be bought or sold and Uforia Science complies with strict HIPPA regulations.  Your DNA is protected.

This is what sets Uforia Science Apart from all companies offering vitamin and supplements based upon your personal DNA.

They produce a customized nutritional product, exclusively for you, based upon your personal DNA results.  There are literally millions of different combinations of foundational health ingredients.   What I take is obviously different from my wife, other family members, and all Uforia Science customers consuming Uforia products.

They don’t recommend specific off the shelf supplements from their existing inventory as other DNA Nutritional companies do. This is a very important point.  As an example, the proprietary software may indicate you need 710mg of Vitamin C daily, and another person might call only for 30mg.

 Those who take vitamin C know that it is commonly made in 100mg 500mg and 1000mg tablets, correct?  Your personal DNA vitamins would have 710mg of vitamin C or 30mg respectively.  Uforia offers true, customized, designer, DNA vitamins.

They actually customize your product specifically for you, based upon your own DNA.

How?  With a unique patented one-of a-kind bar coded manufacturing process and a machine called the U-tritionator.

If you would like to learn more about Uforia Science and the one-of-a-kind DNA Vitamins they offer you can visit their website by clicking here:  Uforia Science.