Supplements to Naturally Boost Fertility! – Conceiving with PCOS

Taylor Watson

Hi all. my name is Taylor and welcome to another pregnancy article.
Today I wanted to share with you all of the supplements I was using to
promote fertility when I was trying to conceive. I spent so many hours
researching and seeing the same recommendations over and over.

So if you are in the research mode, this article may be a little long, but
hopefully it will save you time over the long term.

The smartest move before loading up on a vitamin stack may be to have a fertility test conducted. Thankfully instead of spending around $1,000 at the Doctors office to have this done, you can do the test at home and send it to the lab yourself at a fraction of the normal cost. The number one provider of such in home fertility test is a company called Everlywell. You may have seen the CEO Julia Cheeks on Shark Tank back in 2017.

I actually ordered my test and had it done, prior to starting on the vitamins
I will share in this article. You can click on the test box to learn more.

Now, just a little bit of my back story. I did struggle with my own infertility. I have PCOS, and I did try to conceive before and it didn’t work, and we took a break. Mentally it was exhausting.

I think I’m going to post some sort of, like, infertility journey, style story just so I’ll make sense. But this time around I made a lot of changes over the past year, and I did conceive on the first try in December. So, I’m in my second Trimester, I am pregnant! And I figured I would just share all the supplements I was using to help promote fertility.

I’m not telling you that any of these are going to get you pregnant, or, anything like that. And, I also can’t say that one single thing was what did it, or, that all of these are what did it. I’m just giving you all of the vitamns that I happen to be taking when I conceived on the first try.

I mean, it’s really to just to give you suggestions on what you might want to investigate and what you might want to try, because, it never hurts to try new things when you’re trying to conceive especially if you’re having issues. I personally spent dozens of hours researching this topic.

So, starting out, the first main change I did make was I just exercising a lot more and cooking at home, eating a lot healthier. And not mainly just because the entire year before that which would have been the year 2017, I had a lot of health issues going on. I actually had a mass on my Lacrimal Gland which is kind of like in the Ocular Cavity, and I did have to get surgery to remove it, and it was such a stressful time. So, during that time I was sick and really not doing anything. We were eating out constantly.

So, for the first change which everyone can do is I just started eating so much healthier, cooking at home and exercising. And that was something that just kind of changed my lifestyle back to what it used to be, because it definitely had changed.

Getting into my virtility supplements and stuff though that I used.
The first thing of course is a prenatal. It is so important to start taking
your prenatal as soon as possible. They say a year before you’re starting
to try to conceive it can be great to start it.

So, totally start one especially if you’re starting to try now. You don’t want to wait until you’re pregnant; you definitely want to start taking it before. So, this is the Pink Stork Prenatal plus the DHA. I like when it has the DHA in it because I don’t like having to take another pill. I have also taken the liquid prenatal from Pink Stork and I do like it a lot.

I just started taking this again though because during my first trimester it was really hard for me to take the liquid one because it doesn’t taste great, but it is good to take because it absorbs into your system easier since it’s not in a pill. But I went back to this one for now just because it is easier and more convenient, and either way, I really enjoy Pink Stork products. So, this is the prenatal I’ve been using.

And also, though along with taking our prenatal I also grabbed the prenatal Probiotic right away from Pink Stork and started taking it, and I really do enjoy this as well. It can help you with things like heartburn and constipation and even morning sickness when you are pregnant. But it got to be really important to start taking it with the prenatal beforehand just to get everything right in there. It never hurts to be prepared beforehand, so I was also taking this.


The next fertility supplement I started taking Maca. Now, some people just use the powder form and put it in the smoothie or something, but I’m not a smoothie person. Unless it’s like summertime and I was trying to conceive in the winter, so I got filled basically on Amazon. They’re not that expensive, but Maca is a superfood and it is really supposed to help promote female like fertility, reproductive health, even just like sex drive apparently. This is 500 milligrams, so I would take two a day into a thousand milligrams. I have heard or have read that people do up to maybe 2,000 in a day. It’s totally up to you. I’m kind of someone who likes to start low and work my way up, but honestly, I really do think this Maca helped promote my fertility. I really do.

I was taking it for a good like 6 months before I got pregnant because I wasn’t trying yet. But my cycle is regulated very suddenly, and like amazingly. Because my cycles were over fifty days and I was not ovulating and between all of the new supplements I started taking, and kind of changing my lifestyle, my cycle went back to normal. Very quickly, honestly, it went back to being between 28 /31 days which is really good.

So, I really do think that this market is a great thing to at least try out. It can’t hurt to try it and if doesn’t help, oh well, but I really do think that this has some amazing research on helping for your reproductive health.

After that, I picked up another Pink Stork item as you can probably tell I do enjoy Pink Stork. This is their fertility tea, and it’s supposed to help boost fertility, regulate your cycle and it contains red raspberry, the chasteberry and nettle leaf. It tasted horrible I’m not going to lie.

It was not a taste for me. It’s kind of…was minty, but it just wasn’t great. But I drank it anyway. I started taking it only the month before I tried to conceive. I started it in November because we almost were going to start in November, then we didn’t because of wedding issues. I basically would drink one cup of it a day. I know you can take drink up to two, but I will just drink a cup right before bed.

I started the first day of my cycle and I drink it up until like ovulation which is what I just saw recommended by people, and, I mean, I don’t know there’s really great information on Red Raspberry Leaf online. So, I figured, you know what, we’re going to try it; out and I was only taking it for two months and it did work obviously. I did conceive on the first try after having, you know, tried for many months and not conceived in the past, so, I think this definitely worth a shot.


Another item I have which I’m not necessarily sure this is for fertility but I was taking it every day and I know it’s a great thing to take during pregnancy and that is my Magnesium supplement. I know a lot of people lack Magnesium. I also have a Magnesium oil that I spray directly on my body sometimes instead, but this does taste pretty good. It’s the natural calm Magnesium supplement, and is the Raspberry Lemon flavor. I bought it from Sprouts, and a lot of people use it during pregnancy because it can help you with, like calming, and sleep and stuff.

I don’t know, I haven’t really done the research. I don’t know if it like, promotes fertility, but I was taking it when trying to conceive. So, it’s just another item that I was taking every single day. And lastly, I have three oils to mention.

Young Living Essential Oils: you find something that you think will do the same thing, go for it. Try it out, but young living Essentials is what I trust to put on and in my body.

Progessence Plus Serum

The first one I have which I do think is like the most important is the Progessence Plus Serum and this is to help regulate your Progesterone. I thought this would be really important for me with someone who was having extremely irregular cycles, I wasn’t ovulating, they told me I pretty much had PCOS.

So, I think, you know what? If my hormones are crazy, I’m going try Progessence Plus. And seriously, I saw a difference with this like, right away, because it happened to be when I started taking this along with my other supplements, my cycles were regulating so quickly. And I also use this throughout my entire first trimester just to make sure that my hormones were going be as that as they could be, and I know that my Progesterone was measuring very good via my like HCG test and stuff. But a lot of people can miscarry due to not having Progesterone.

So, this is just something that I really thought help support my body during that time especially with hormonal imbalances. And I have two more.


And the next one I have is Endoflex. Now, Endoflex contains Spearmint, Sesame Seed, Geranium, Myrtle, Matric Aria and Nutmeg. This is one that is meant for Endocrine support. A lot of people just put it on their thyroid like once a day. It can be great for energy I know. For me personally I know that the thyroid can really have such a direct t impact on your reproductive health and your fertility.

So, I started taking this around the same time as the Progessence Plus and I definitely saw a difference with energy. Anytime like, I stopped taking this I noticed the difference that it had made, but I knew I wanted to have that thyroid support, because I wanted my cycles regulate and I wanted to have better reproductive health. So, this might support the Endocrine system but that also directly supports your reproductive health in the end.

Square Essentials

The last oil I have that I was using is Square Essentials. I used this in a roller as well, and this one click. This one contains Clary Sage oil as well as Peppermint, Spanish Sage and Fennel. There’s a lot of research on Clary Sage and Fennel really supporting your reproductive health, so I decided to grab this as well. And I would basically every night, I would put on my Endoflex on my thyroid out with the progestins plus and the Square essence on my forearms and go to bed basically.

And you know, like I said I can’t say that any one of these supplements is what made me have better fertility all I know is that in the end I struggled to get pregnant and even ovulate and this time around I did get pregnant on the first try and I’m having a healthy pregnancy. So, you know take it for what you want. Do your research on any of these supplements and see if any of these are something that maybe you want to try. It can’t hurt to try new things especially if you are trying to conceive.

So, whether they work or not, these are what just happened to all work for me all together. Anyways, that is it for this article. Those are all the fertility supplements & products I used when I was trying to conceive and a lot of them, I’m still taking in pregnancy obviously.