Fitness Professional Evaluation

Thank you for submitting your questionnaire. If your area is still available you will normally hear from a member of the D&D Uforia Fitness Team within 24 – 48 hours.

At the time of this writing the company is less than 90 days old and experiencing massive growth.

However our leadership and management team has over 50+ combined years of experience. As a marketing arm of the company, our D&D Uforia Fitness Team is adding qualified fitness pros from the United States and Canada weekly.

If you are outside the USA and Canada, you can send us an email at DandD@PersonalDNANutrition to be added to our waiting list for when your country is opened.

The videos below should answer many of your questions, and give you a good idea of the customer experience your clients will have and the uniqueness and quality of their product.

Where we go from here.

Important Commissions Update


This is the initial video to share during your on boarding of new clients for your studio. Most are already taking vitamins, and this is an option you can provide. It can also be send via text or email to past and present members.

This video will create a Buzz in your community

Fitness Team Members can start with up to 10 Kits for their existing clients


Each Customer Receives a 35 Page Detailed Report

Dr. Jen Provides Insights on Every DNA SNIP & what they reveal about your health.

The days of Blind Nutrition are coming to an end. Uforia is to vitamins what Amazon is to Retail, Uber to Taxis, and Airbandb to Hotels. If you currently stock nutritional products in your studio, do you think it is important to get ahead of this trend?

Thank you for your evaluation. Please pay attention to your email. Your questionnaire will be reviewed ASAP, normally in a few hours. If we feel you are a good fit to join our team, we will email you a link to our phone calendar where you can schedule up to twenty minutes of phone time with
one of our launch leaders.

Please be patient, we will contact you ASAP, don’t try to short cut this process, it will only create loss of income for you. If and when you receive a link and invitation to schedule your call, book it online at your earliest possible convenience. We are looking for one entrepreneur minded leader to head up each defined territory in the USA & Canada.

The interest in this program has been massive,as you can imagine.

I look forward to meeting you.