GenePrism Actionable Insights Vs. ÜFORIA Science

A Closer Look at DNA Health

Genetic testing and DNA health are areas in our life that will continue to grow in popularity and eventually become mainstream and part of our culture. The two companies that appear to be leading this new DNA Science are GenePrism and ÜFORIA Science.

As genetic testing becomes commonplace both at home and in the doctor’s office, you’re likely to hear new buzz words and terms, that will take a while to become mainstream.

Like many new trends, they can have words that we think we know what they mean, but we are never completely sure when they are used in a certain context.  This will be common and take a while to understand what words mean in relation to your overall DNA Health.

There’s one term in particular that we’d like to focus on today: “actionable,” which as it relates to DNA health means;  That which you can control at some level by taking action upon.

“SNP” (pronounced “snip”) stands for Single Nucleotide

Polymorphism. These are variants (a technical term for variations in our DNA that make each person’s genome unique)  that naturally occur on genes, causing changes in their functions. Some SNPs determine characteristics such as hair and eye and skin color. Other SNPs, have functionally significant effects on the gene product and therefore can tell you how well your body performs key functions that can affect your health and wellness long term.

A DNA Test for your health should measure for DNA SNPs that can affect your health, not your hair or eye color. 

Understanding upfront that certain SNPs in DNA testing are useful (those that are actionable and can affect your health) vs. non-actionable SNPs (testing for things that cannot be changed such as eye color) will save you a lot of time, money and aggravation in the long run. 

With the genes assessed by ÜFORIA through their DNA kit, there is some “action” you can take to compensate in some fashion for the changes in the biochemical pathway affected by the SNP.

Upon completion of the DNA testing, you will receive a personal action plan to immediately take control of your DNA health with the opportunity to have nutritional supplements individually created for you based upon your personal DNA test. This report will identify the SNPs you have on these key actionable genes and are known for penetrance (the probability of the gene being expressed.) The ability to fight these variants with quality nutritional supplements is something we can all benefit from.

Utrition is a new product customized exclusively from ÜFORIA Science. 

GenePrism: Actionable Insights is also a new company that allows individuals to take their DNA at home and send it to their lab for analysis.

They also send you a personalized DNA report, but you will need to take this report to a doctor to dissect the meaning. 

Understanding the variants that exist in your DNA can be really important for managing your health with your doctor’s recommendations.

Knowing that you carry one of these variants would be considered a highly actionable insight, because you’d be able to talk to your doctor about what steps you might take to reduce your chances of developing an advanced stage cancer—enhanced screening measures, for instance, that could catch the disease earlier when it’s easier to treat.

This is what the “actionable” in GenePrism: Actionable Insights means. It doesn’t just give you the opportunity to learn a little more about yourself through the power of DNA—it actually gives you the chance to get a head start on serious medical conditions that may one day affect you. That’s important. And because these genetic variants are usually inherited, finding out that you carry any of them could also benefit relatives who may not be aware of the genetic risks they may have also inherited.

GenePrism says, “They are excited about their DNA test because it has the potential to save lives. Many people will not have any of these variants, but many will: in fact, roughly one in 33 people carry a disease-causing variant in one of these genes.”

What are the main differences between the ÜFORIA Science and GenePrism DNA Testing programs?

They are both designed for DNA Health.   We will look at 4 important aspects of these DNA Kits.   

1)  The Initial Cost of DNA Testing 

2)  Your Personal DNA Report 

3) Your DNA Health Action Plan

4) The cost of supplements and or treatment.

  1. The Initial Cost of DNA Testing

Both Gene Prism and ÜFORIA Science give consumers the opportunity to take a simple DNA test within their home.

The investment in the GenePrism DNA Testing kit is $299.

Your investment for the ÜFORIA Science DNA Testing Kit is $200
and includes Pre-Nutrition Supplements.  (See Video Below).  There is also a $199 lab fee to have your DNA test completed at the laboratory.  However, you currently receive a $100 discount certificate on lab fees when you purchase your ÜFORIA DNA kit.

So your total initial investment with both GenePrism and ÜFORIA Science is the same $299.00 investment.

However, with ÜFORIA you also receive a 30 day supply of Pre-trition which provides your body a gentle cleanse and prepares you for the customized supplements being created for you.

  • Your Personal DNA Report

With the GenePrism DNA test the results need to be evaluated, inspected, reviewed and dissected by a doctor.  The information generated by the test is complex and would be very difficult to understand by those of us without specialized training.

The ÜFORIA Science personal DNA Testing system has been under development for twenty years.  Their patent-pending process takes this complex data and presents it in a 35-page consumer-friendly, easy to understand report with a color-coding system that easily identifies your actionable SNP.

  • Your DNA Health Action Plan 

The GenePrism program’s action plan is recommending you should have your physician review your DNA report and work with them to put together a game plan for supplements, drugs and/or treatment.  The challenge is a physician is not a Geneticist. Geneticists specialize in DNA Health.

This is the point where the gap between the GenePrism plan and the ÜFORIA Science plan for your health widens drastically.

While on the surface combining all of these nutritional components in the right concentrations, quantities, and combinations into your diet may seem overwhelming, ÜFORIA Science makes that process the ultimate in simplicity — with its exclusive ÜTRITION. They have a machine, the one and only of its kind in the world called the U-tritionator.

If you calculate the possible number of combinations of ingredients for each of the gene SNPs, there are close to 400 million possible combinations.  And, while this may appear to be too complicated to be applied accurately to your diet, that’s exactly what ÜFORIA does, and for a lower cost than it would be for you to source all of the individual ingredients separately.  

ÜFORIA Science can provide you with your very own personalized ÜTRITION™ formula, combining all of the valuable plant-based BASE INGREDIENTS with the quantities of ingredients necessary

to support your health in each area where you have a SNP.

This may sound like something from the future, but consumers around the United States and Canada are having designer nutrition delivered to their door every single month.

4) The Cost of Supplements and/or Treatment

As discussed previously, with the GenePrism DNA test, they suggest you turn everything over to a doctor because quite frankly this science is so new most practices don’t have Geneticists on staff.  There will be challenges even with trained physicians dissecting the reports and making recommendations.

As many of us have experienced, once you get in the hospital’s loop, one test can lead to another then leading to a questionable treatment, to a drug regiment, and so forth and so on.

I have to believe that if you are reading this article, your number one desire is to live the healthiest life you can with the least amount of drugs and hospital treatments as possible.  Is that a correct assumption?

We all know how expensive health care can be.  Most of the people reading this have probably gone through a time where they have experienced personally or had a family member experience tens of thousands of dollars in out of pocket health care expenses.  You can’t put a price tag on good health.

ÜFORIA’s designer nutritional products simply stack the odds for good health in your favor and take away all the confusion you feel when walking through the supplement lines at Whole Foods, GNC, or even Walmart.

The ÜFORIA customers we have talked with are thrilled knowing that every month the best possible vitamin and mineral supplements are being delivered to their door and they don’t have to concern themselves with the next hot vitamin trend featured on the Dr. Oz show.   They know ÜFORIA Science is the established leader in the DNA supplement field, they will continue to provide a customized product that will stack the odds for vibrant health on their side.

At this point, you may be thinking personalized designer supplements must cost hundreds of dollars a month.   Many, that we refer to as “Vitamin Believers”, spend upwards of $400 monthly on vitamins and supplements.  If you attempted to buy all the ingredients your DNA report deems vital it could be over $1,000 monthly for some people.   However, you can get your DNA Kit and Pretrition ordered today and then have your customized nutrition sent to your door every month for less than $200 a month.

Because the company is trending and growing very quickly they also provide discounts if the customer refers other people to the program.   When people talk vitamins and minerals, and you make the statement, “I have a personalized, customized, designer vitamin made for me that is formulated based upon my own DNA,” ….. everybody listens, and everybody will want to know more.  That is just human nature isn’t it?

You can receive significant discounts on your products for everyone you refer.

To get your Uforia DNA Kit Ordered now or to learn more, you can visit this  page: DNA VITAMIN TEST KIT