GNC 4U DNA Kit & Supplements


On the service to the uneducated consumer GNC’s 4U DNA Nutritional Program may appear to revival Uforia’s personalized customized nutritional products.

Let’s take a closer look.

GNC’s Nutritional DNA Annalysis is $89.99

Uforia’s is $169 and includes pre-nutrtion to prepare your body for your PERSONALIZED, CUSTOMIZED Nutritional regiment from nearly 400,000 potential combinations.

Uforia Sceinces test for 18 different base line DNA Snips, related to heart, energy, metabolism, brain health etc..  GNC does not make public on their website how many Snips they actually test for.   They say each customer will have 4 – 8 pills recommended. 

This is off the shelf products that can purchased at any GNC, they are not mixing customized formula’s based upon each customers personal DNA.    So when we logically try to compare Uforia Sciences program to GNC’s 4U DNA Test Kit and Supplements it is like trying to compare Apples with ping pong balls, isn’t it?

Based upon what GNC recommends, consumers could end up spending hundreds of dollars a month for off the shelf vitamins,  based upon the dosage that GNC currently manufactures.   So let me say this one more time because this really is the difference maker.  GNC makes suggestions
based upon a DNA test with an unknown number of generic markers and then suggests vitamins and minerals based upon the dosage they currently make available.  I guess this is better that blindly buying Nature Made brand at Walmart, but is it really?   Isn’t this still “BLIND NUTRITION” ?

Uforia Science test for 18 different snips that are foundational markers for good health and then blends a customized formula for each customer based upon their personal DNA results.

GNC is on the right track, and customized DNA Nutrition is the future, but Uforia Science has the only machine of its kind in the world that can blend individualized, customized products for each and every customer based upon there personal DNA.

Probably just as important for the conscientious consumer is the fact that all Uforia Science Ingredients are natural and plant based and many products purchased at GNC continue to be man made synthetic products.

Please don’t misunderstand us.   Considering the public legal challenges GNC has faced recently, we want to be perfectly clear.  It is our feeling that GNC’s 4 U DNA Supplements is exactly what it says it is.   We also believe that may consumers my think they are receiving a customized, personalized nutritional product like offered by Uforia Science, when in actuality they are receiving off the shelf recommendations in the dosages GNC makes available for

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