The Home Health Test Kit Business Opportunity

If you are an entrepreneur, or someone who is career frustrated and has leadership and management abilities, I am going to share with you an opportunity that I believe has the most upside potential of any in the world, at this time and place in history.

I understand that is a bold statement, but when we really stop and think about it, at anytime in history there always has to be ONE business that offer more upside potential and growth more than any other, doesn’t there?

I heard a preacher say one time “If we all had a crystal ball where we could look into the future, we could all get rich”. I thought to myself, no, no we wouldn’t, not if we don’t take advantage of what we see. As I write this article, I feel like I have a crystal ball and I feel by the time you finish this article, and evaluation info, you will feel the same way.

For this time and place in history I believe that the opportunity offered by 1U is that opportunity.   So  I hope you will stay with me as I explain to you exactly why.

If you happen to be someone that is asking themselves, “Where will I be in five years if I continue doing what I am doing today?”  If you have decided now is the time to make a change, I believe this article will provide you the answer you are looking for.

I am not a writer, I am an entrepreneur, so please stay with me, as I attempt to pull the pieces of the science, trends, and facts together for you.

I have always believed “wealth is created in front of a trend”. This concept has been proven to us over and over again. We don’t need a crystal ball, we just need to look back various business trends throughout history.

Obviously being at the right place at the right time is not the only factor but it is an important one.  You can be in front of a trend, and on the right track but if you just sit there, you will probably end up getting run over. “Without vision, people parish”

You have to be taking action, which is true in every business endeavor.

Knowledge without ACTION leads to Self-Delusion”

Over the years I have had so many entrepreneurs try to tell me that they had the idea for some huge successful company, years before the company became a household name.  

Idea’s don’t mean a thing.  Every entrepreneur has ideas.  I heard a preacher one time say “Pray that the Lord will give you creative ideas for business” I thought to myself at the time it is not about having the ideas it is about having the courage and conviction to ACT UPON THEM.

At this point in my career I accept up to two speaking engagements a month. I have the opportunity to share business and personal growth ideas and speak at different events for different audiences.  My primary market is the solopreneur, home business opportunity, network marketing team building and the small business niche.

The challenge with being a start up or a solopreneur, is you may clearly see the upside potential of a trend, and understand the next big thing, but the amount of money and infrastructure required to enter that market is prohibited by someone who wants to create an income working from home.

Does this make sense?

Granted Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and many giant corporations where started out of someone’s garage.  However, that doesn’t change the fact that visionaries can spot trends, but outside of being an Angel investor, we usually don’t have the opportunity to compete in those markets simply because of the infrastructure required.

Until recently that was certainly the case for in home DNA Testing  that has become so popular because of companies like and 23andMe. 

In home DNA testing to receive a history of your family tree has become very popular in the United States and throughout the world.  However, with the infrastructure, labs, and data base required, how could a solopreneur ever participate in this growing trend?

What if you could get in front of the next DNA trend?

I remember in November of 2017 seeing a Shark Tank episode on a company called  Everlywell that was taking in home DNA test and blood test beyond the fun and games of who your great great great grandmonther on your father’s side was. They were using test to provide value to the consumer and help them take more control over their own health.

At the time Everlywell appeared on Shark Tank they offered about 14 in home health test to check for anything from STD’s to Food Allergies.

But unlike 23andMe, EverlyWell was dedicated to maintaining privacy standards to a high level. The company does not sell or share customer data or test results – except to share with the physician network who must be able to review it. The data collected by EverlyWell is hosted on servers that follow HIPAA, the government policy on health information privacy which details how private health data should be handled.

The real business for 23andMe, which is owned now by Google, and other DNA Testing companies was to collect and sell data.  Understand I can argue both sides of this.  Personally I don’t mind having my data used anonymously if it can help researchers find a way to treat disease.

Where I have a problem, is many of these companies where not as up front with the fact that your information was going to be sold as they should have been. When this news first came out there was real public backlash towards 23andMe and other DNA Testing companies, which has all finally settling down.

In 2016, EverlyWell founder and CEO Julia Cheeks, came up with the idea after having to pay expensive out of pocket fees while waiting weeks for the results to what should have been a routine test. Unsatisfied with the service she received, Cheeks set out to find a more convenient, timely and cost effective solution for consumers, and she has done just that.

EverlyWell has continued to do quite well since its Shark Tank episode aired with an annual revenue of $4 million. According to Crunchase, In April 2019, the company closed a series A round of funding where EverlyWell raised $50 million from firms that include NextGen Venture Partners, Next Coast Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, and Goodwater Capital bringing EverlyWell’s total net worth to $55 million.

The company was featured on Season 11 of Shark Tank where Lori Greiner revealed that the company had earned over $65 million in 2 years since the episode aired on Shark Tank.

Today EverlyWell offers over 35 In Home Health Kits to test for disease and health challenges.

I guess the real question is ……………………


I sincerely believe this is one of the greatest opportunities that exist right now.  

But there is even a better one emerging.
DNA based medicine & VITAMINS

With the recent outbreak of the corona virus there are two things on people’s minds. 

(1)  Working from Home 
There is probably not a person on the planet that over the past two weeks, at the time of this writing, has not at least thought about the opportunity to create income working from home.  I would say more now than at any time in history this is on people’s minds.

(2)  In home Health Test to check for Disease   Thankfully most people will not need to be tested for the Coronavirus.  However the thought of being tested for disease has entered and is lingering in people’s minds.

Now stay with me, why not have your DNA Tested to see what vitamins and minerals you should take to PREVENT DISEASE & Build your Immune System? If it is scientifically possible, do you think there is a market for that? You really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out, do you?

I have shared with you with you the track record of Everlywell as it relates to home health test for disease, how much more powerful and valuable would it be if you could have your DNA tested and advice given on what vitamins and supplements you could take to prevent disease.  Not based upon an article you read on a website, or what Dr. Oz will be talking about this afternoon on his TV show, but based upon what science reveals about your own DNA?

Are you starting to get the vision of the upside potential of this trending new science? I understand this all sounds very futuristic, but the truth is, it is here now and myself and my family have been taking nutritional products based upon our personal DNA for over six months. This new technology is here and available for everyone, but must people don’t know it even exist ……….YET. If you are catching the vision then check out this short video.

Does that make sense?

You have seen the future, and you didn’t even need a crystal ball. The real question is how can we as entrepreneurs take advantage of what we see?

The best part is you and I don’t need to build out a huge support infrastructure because Uforia Science, now 1U has that in place for us to tap into.

To understand the significance home based businesses will have in the future and the unique opportunity in the Home Health DNA Test Kit
& DNA Vitamin market, we invite you to watch and fully focus on the overview presentation below. If this makes sense then complete the form below the presentation and one of our D&D Team members will contact you to answer your questions.

If that makes sense, then take a look at this video.