How I replaced all my vitamin and minerals with UFORIA !

Emanuel Boggs

Hey guys, this is Emanuel Boggs at the time of the writing it is January 1st, 2020  and I just wanted write this article because my wife and I made a few resolutions that we want to carry on through 2020 and beyond.

We’ve made resolutions to be healthier, be the better versions of ourselves and to implement better nutrition into our daily health regimen.  We have a pantry full of various nutritional products that we have purchased off and on over the years. 

We have bought products from GNC, Whole Food, The Vitamin Shop, Juice Plus, Isagenix, Melaleuca, Shaklee,  Trevo, ThriveLife, Sun Rider, Nature’s Sunshine, Basic Reset, and the list goes on and on.

You know we do a lot of research we make sure we put the best products in our body we can find, that has always been our goal.  And as many of you know, it can become darn confusing.

The number of hot vitamins and herbs are constantly coming in and out of vogue.  That is why our pantry is full.

Your pantry may or may not look like ours, but more than likely if you are reading this article you are taking some type of supplements.

In today’s society we all do our best to eat healthy, exercise, stay properly hydrated etc, but today it’s just a lot harder than it was few hundred years ago. We have accessed to more processed foods than ever.

It is an accepted fact today that the soil that grows our food has been depleted. So even when we do “eat healthy” many of the vitamins & minerals that are essential to our health are missing.

This is why the vitamin and mineral market has exploded over the past 25 – 30 years.  Those of you as old as I am remember when you could walk into a grocery store and the only vitamins you may find on the bottom of the shelf were One a Day and Fintstones.

Well something has recently come to our attention and it’s pretty mind-blowing, I don’t even know where to start with this. All the bottles and bottles of vitamins and powders we have in our pantry, have gone in the trash.

We have found the last vitamin product we will ever take.  We have found what we will be taking the rest of our lives.

Yes we spent a lot of money and time over the years. We spent a tremendous amount of time like most, reading, studying and   just guessing and wondering what we’re putting into our body. It gets confusing and quite expensive.

Believe it or not, we replaced a ½ of a 30 gallon trash can full of vitamins  with literally one product, something that my wife and I have just ordered and it’s something we feel all vitamin believer like us, need to know about!

It’s an incredible new science and tech. I sincerely believe everybody needs to implement this new science into their lives as well. So, what I’m gonna do is, I’m actually going to share with you a video that can explain this new science much better than I ever could.

Order your at Home DNA Test Kit here:

It’s a company called ÜFORIA and there slogan is  being you never felt better. ÜFORIA is the only company in the world that analyses your DNA. They take your DNA with an in home saliva swab and they analyse your DNA and then they create nutrition that’s specifically designed for you, inspired by your DNA.

It sounds complex and complicated, but the entire process is simple.

I got my DNA kit.  I followed simple instructions and my wife and I did our swabs, and had them ready to go to the Lab for testing in less than 15 minutes.

We just dropped them in the mail in the prepaid envelope that was part of our in home DNA test kit.

Also in the kit we each received what the Uforia calls PreTrician.

I am sure you already are familiar with, 23andme right? This takes DNA testing from a curiosity about family history mentality to an optimize your health mentality.

 After you take your DNA test you start on your PreNutrition.

The Pretrition is a gentle cleanse that prepares your body for the unique, personalized, product that will be made for you and your only after your DNA is run through the companies proprietary process that has been under development for over twenty five years.

The best part is your DNA is your DNA.  You are born with it, you will die with it, and it will never change.  So you do this once and your done.  You’ll never have to do this again.

Once you have a custom product made, you never have to think about getting the right nutrition in your body, ever again.

For the rest of our life, our 30 day supply of product will be shipped right to our door.  So we have replaced all our vitamins and minerals with one product.  How cool is that?  If you have questions now, let us know, when you are ready to learn more, just complete the form here UFORIA INFORMATION REQUEST FORM.