Nutrigenomics: Can a DNA Test Help You Lose Weight?

Can Nutrigenomics help you lose weight? The latest
science says perhaps it can, according to this CBS new

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It has become common knowledge that DNA help family trees bloom, but could it also give you a genetic blueprint to help you lose DNA diets? Based on your own biology. Losing weight. Tonight, Gilma Avalos showing us the growing trend, of nutrigenomics.

Jennifer McDaniels: Every diet, every fat

Gilma Avalos: Jennifer McDaniels have tried it all.

Jennifer: You name it, I’ve done it.

Gilma: The Dallas Momsblog contributor is ready to contribute to a lifestyle change but feels losing weight has been more challenging for her body.

Jennifer: Last year I did a cleanse with two of my friends. They both lost 15 pounds and I was like struggling to lose five. 

Reporter: Enter nutrigenomics. Study of nutrition. Companies like habit which was recently bought by bio are trying to individualize weight loss by using your DNA.

Jennifer: Let’s see what’s in here.

Gilma: McDaniels at home test kit arrived complete with cheek swabs and finger prick blood tests and a shake which is to determine how you handle fats and protein.

Jennifer: “That’s really sweet”.

Gilma: McDaniels got her personalized results. Habit says it analyzed health markers, activity levels and health goals to determine how her body responds to certain foods.

Jennifer: My body functions better with more protein than the average person.

Gilma: McDaniel found out a little more. Her data suggests she has a caffeine intolerance and an obesity gene.

Jennifer: They basically suggested that I am more prone to struggling with weight loss or being overweight. It just made me feel better. Made me feel like I’m not crazy.

Gilma: She also got a personalized meal plan with snack recommendations and so- called hero foods. Foods that are body processes well.

Jennifer: That’s pretty cool. To have a meal plan just based on how my body processes food. Things are going great.

Reporter: after her first two weeks.

Jennifer: My appetite has decreased tremendously and I think it’s due to habits recommendation of eating a substantial breakfast.

Gilma: We reached out to have it for a kit and McDaniel got a trial version but these programs don’t come cheap. The at home test kit starts at $399. Currently on sale on amazon for $249. Other companies are using DNA to tailor health plans for you. Programs start at $99 and up.

Tell you how your blood levels and genetic results are interacting.

Gilma: Nutrigenomics is a growing business but the field is in its early stages. In 2014 the academy of nutrition and dietetics said it, quote, holds promise, but the science is still developing. More research is needed.

A recent study out of Stanford University found that how people responded to a low-carb or low-fat diet didn’t necessarily matchup to their genotype.

Jennifer: Fingers crossed; here we go. Reporter: as for McDaniel, after yo-yo dieting for years, she says the changes she’s making may stick. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.