People ask me about diet on a daily basis from what they should and shouldn’t be eating to the importance of things like calories, micronutrients and polyphones and even how to support a health gut especially one very important type of food.

PREBIOTIC: So what the heck are prebiotics anyway well to really talk about prebiotics first I need to talk about Probiotics, you know the beneficial bacteria that lives inside your gut right this very second well all those billions of Probiotics are living things meaning they need nourishment to thrive and prebiotics are the number one food your gut that needs to thrive.

Think of it this way, Probiotics plants seeds of your garden and prebiotics water them so if you are already taking Probiotics or eating Probiotic foods like sauerkraut Miso or yogurt also incorporating Prebiotics in your routine you might not be doing enough, so how can you make sure you are getting enough Prebiotics in your diet.

Well one way is through supplementation that’s one of the reasons I created one of my most pure formulas Prebiothrive you can learn more about it by clicking the link in the description below.

Whether you use Prebiothrive or not I also suggest incorporating prebiotics foods into your diet regularly these are food that are high in gut friendly Prebiotic fiber so thy nourish your gut buddies while filling you up.

Now these days you might notice more foods label Prebiotic in grocery stores and I am thrilled about that because it means research about prebiotics is finally becoming more mainstream but a lot of commercially prebiotic foods have one big problem they are also loaded in sugar unnecessary additives and lectins.

So if you want to enjoy the benefits to Prebiotic fiber without a bunch of nasty stuff gumming up the works here are the 5 fantastic Prebiotic foods I love they are incredibly delicious easy to find and safe on my diet plan personally I incorporate them in my daily routine with Prebiothrive to make sure my gut gets plenty of what it needs to thrive.

Okay Prebiotic food number

#1 Flax seed

Not only is it a great source of fiber but it is also rich in omega 3   fats and protein making flax seed one of the best Prebiotic foods it’s great to bake with and you can use it instead of breadcrumbs for a tasty healthy breading on pasture raised chicken or wild cod seafood or if you want something simpler try mixing it into your favourite stir fry sprinkle on top of coconut yogurt or simply blend it in with your favourite smoothie its great in pro plan just   be aware flax seed can go rancid pretty quickly due to its high fat contents.

So by it whole grind it yourself in a coffee spice grinder you can also store it in a fridge or a freezer to keep it fresh longer.

Let’s talk about my second Prebiotic food:


Now artichokes have a reputation for being hard to prepare because there is a lot of fancy knife work involved when buy a whole artichoke from the produce section so how can you incorporate these power house vegetables into your weekly meal prep without spending hours in the kitchen.

Well I almost never buy fresh artichokes instead I stock up on frozen artichoke hearts at my local store or I go for artichokes canned in brine make sure to read the label to make sure there is no sugar added. Using canned or frozen artichokes eliminates a lot of the tedious prep work and it makes it super simple to have these prebiotic rich veggies in just about any dish. Personally I love them roasted with olive oil and garlic sauté or even breaded in tapioca flour and pan fried.


My third Prebiotic super food does require a little prep work but the good news they are not difficult to cook with I am talking about LEEKS, they are cousin of onions and if you are not already using leeks in your cooking you should be, easy to cook with delicious and great for your gut.

Like onions leeks have tons of layers because of the way they grow sometimes dirt get trapped between the layers so before you cook with them slice them in half the long way and rinse them thoroughly in cold water to get any grit out then go ahead and chopped them cook them and use your cook leeks anywhere you use cook onions in omelettes, salad, soups or even as a salad topping.

Now my 4th Prebiotic food is the people either love or absolutely hate I am talking about OKRA:


Sure okra can be a little slimy it’s an awesome source of Prebiotic fiber and is delicious when prepared correctly and yes you can get rid of the slime if you cook it right just sauté it over very high heat or just toss it with olive oil and roast before 450 degrees until it gets crispy if you want a recipe there is on here on my you tube channel I will link to it in the description below.

I know a lot of the countries hard to find fresh okra especially in the winter, there is good news frozen okra are available is most grocery stores and is just as good make sure it is thawed and padded dry before cooking it cut down on the slime factor.

#5 Jicama Root

Now it use to be very hard to find my fifth and final Prebiotic food in the grocery store but these days I see I see it everywhere from whole foods to Wal-Mart to Cosco I am talking about Jicama root veggies is deliciously crunchy and taste like a cross between an apple and a potato.

Jicama is great to cook with taste nice and crisp in a stir fry or sauté and Jicama also taste great it’s also good shredded into a slaw chopped with cilantro and onion and sauté or cut into match sticks and use to scoop up guacamole try it with a little lime juice or hot sauce it’s so good and really refreshing when served cold.

So there you have it my top five favourite Prebiotic foods along with Prebiothrive I try to incorporate at least one of them into my diet most days of the week because they are more than just delicious they are great in keeping my gut buddies happy and strongly encourage you to do the same because I am Dr Gunbdry and I am always looking out for you and your gut buddies.