Important Updates

How to place team members and your spouse in the Binnary

To our Uforia Team Members.

When the email was sent by the new Uforia president a couple of weeks ago on a Monday after Ron delivered one of the best Saturday trainings I have ever heard him do, we all knew somethings was up.

The email said all the company leaders were aware of his decision and excited about the future. (The truth is none of them had been told anything)

I am not going to get into all the drama, the bottom line for me, is once trust is broken, it is hard to be re-established. Many of the leaders are under the opinion that Ron was forced out and is now under some kind of gag order. When you combine that with Skin care DNA reports that aren’t congruent the rumor that the cost of the product nutrition is going up and other issues, it is time to make a move. So Dawn and I, all our upline and most of the company is making the move.

Honestly for Dawn and I we felt now is the perfect time for us to just bow out and be done with building a team. However, I believe that all economic trends are leading to the possiblity of booms in home business and network marketing. Typically when there is a downturn in the economy network marketing moves forward. However another start-up was out of the question, it had to be an estabished company. We have the best of both worlds a 7+ year old established company just launching in the United States. A unique catagory creating product and the highest payout in the market.

Watch this video:

Mark your calendar and set you alarm for this Thurseday August 6th at 9:00 PM EST.

DO IT NOW Log onto RockStarZoom. Dawn and myself have asked Tina & Kelly & Curry to share with you why this move right now makes so much sense for them. I will share with you personally what I see this Thursday.

  • More than 250,000 Associates in 50 countries across the globe but ground floor in the United States
  • Affordable “Catagory Greator” product line
  • Unique hybrid comp plan with huge payout

Dawn & I will be building 2 lines straight down and our goal is to maintain the integrity of the Uforia line of sponsorship. However we only have a few days to ge this done. After we get all the Uforia Team placed, my plan is to launch with a list of about 63 people I currently have and am adding to daily. We want to take care of you guys and get you positioned first.

I understand that the word has already leaked out & some of you have heard about this, and have been waiting for our link so if that is you, here it is:

Before you join Watch this video. First you join as a member, then you log back in to your own account and place your package order.

Where should you start? The ultimate goal it get to Diamond $3,000 ASAP.

It is cumulative. We started at the Diamond level so we could maximize the pay pland from day one. What I like, it doesn’t matter where your start, everyone can get to the Diamond level over time. As I said a very profitable comp plan that pays a minimum of 30% even when you first start.

We look forward to having you with us Thrusday night, and look forward to getting all your questions answered.

Set your alarm now, and we look forward to talking with you Thursday night.

Thurseday August 6th at 9:00 PM EST.