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To all MLMSuccess.com Podcast Listeners

I made this Saturday Morning to Launch it!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I thought it would be a good idea to make this post up and online for a limitted time.

Let me say if you are 100% comitted, focussed, and excited about your current opportunity to just log out of this page right now, because none of this is anything you should give thought to.

As many of you know Dawn and I were very involved a few years ago with a new Tech company called Asirvia. I found the company while looking for a unique way to advertise our ecommerce business at www.WildcatGifts.com.

To make a long story short, it depended on the use of googles near by tech, which after a couple of years of working that business and building up a great team of distributors and customers, google turned off the near by technology and that growing business was gone with the flick of a switch.

Obviously we needed to find a home for our team, and we chose Uforia. I sincerely believed that their catagory setting DNA based nutriton could change the vitamin industry as we know it today.

We have done this busienssess very passively, while trying to support our team to the best of our ability and constantly trying to find a path to clearer customer acquistion with higher income people. We have tested dozens of methods in hopes to find a path that could be duplicated quickly and easily by our team members.

That has been our primary focus and we invested over ten thousand dollars in customer acquistion methods to find a simple system to get into the hands of our team members. The cost of the product has been the obvious block.

So to make a 1 1/2 year story short, we found ourselves needing to find a new home. Not becuase of the challenges in the business, challenges are there to be overcome. The move had to be made because loss of trust and disagreement in the direction the company was moving because of their impatience.

What is that saying about the 3rd time charm?

So Dawn and I, all our upline have made a move.

Honestly for Dawn and I we felt now is the perfect time for us to just bow out and be done with building a team. However, we believe in our people.

I also appears that all economic trends are leading to the possiblity of booms in home business and network marketing. Typically when there is a downturn in the economy network marketing moves forward. However another start-up was out of the question, it had to be an estabished company. We have the best of both worlds a 7+ year old established company just launching in the United States. A unique catagory creating product and the highest payout in the market.

There was just too much good about this unique opportunity for us to ignore.

* They are operating successfully in 30+ Countries around the world.
* Affordable $50 monthly autoship
* #1 Income earner earning 1/2 million a month and thousands of people doing real good.
* Unique, undestandable product that makes sense to customers
*Perfect timing because it is just launching in the USA, Canada, and Australia this week.

Watch this video:

So, there you have it.

  • More than 250,000 Associates in 30+ countries across the globe but ground floor in the United States, Canda, and Australia.
  • Affordable “Catagory Greator” product line
  • Unique hybrid comp plan with the largest payout I have personally ever seen in 35+ years.

Dawn & I will be building 2 lines straight down to max out the lines at 10K a week, and then we will take a breath and re-evaluate.

I understand that the word has already leaked & some of our podcast listeners who are in between companies, taken a break, or unhappy with their current opportunity have heard about this, and have been waiting for our link so if that is you, here it is:


Before you join Watch this video. First you join as a APL Family member, then you log back in to your own account and place your package order.

So there you have it, a proven opportunity that has had a huge positive financial impact on tens of thousands of families around the world. There will be future millionares joining in the USA, Canda, and Australis this month, why not you?

Where should you start? The ultimate goal it get to Diamond $3,000 ASAP.

It is cumulative. We started at the Diamond level so we could maximize the pay plan from day one. What I like, it doesn’t matter where your start, everyone can get to the Diamond level over time. As I said a very profitable comp plan that pays a minimum of 30% even when you first start.

If the timing is right for you, we hope you will get yourself positioned today, and join us on this magnificent adventure.

None of us know what the future holds, all any of us can do is make the best decison we can at the time, based upon the facts that we have. That is what we have done. You know if the time is right for you, and I respect your decison and where you are with your goals and dreams.

I will continue to support all network marketers and entreprenuers to the best of my ability with NO FLUFF philosphies, ideas, and wisdom of the ages concepts, and proven marketing methods.

We just bought another business last night, and my hope is that over the next few years we can sale off some of the businesses we own and devote our full time efforts to this opportunity and the network marketing business model, that is what I would love to be able to do. I understand for that to be a possibility ……..TIMING is important, you have to find the right company at the right time in history and go to work.

Yes, network marketing is a tough business model, but there is nothing that comes close to providing the residual income and lifestyle that network marketing can provide.

Join us, call us, but get yourself positioned as quickly as possible if you have
any interest at all. You can claim your sport for as low as $125.00 and personally I think that could prove to be one of the best investments you ever make.

Talk soon.

Dedicated to Your Success!

Dale Calvert