Protection from the Corona Virus No one is Talking About

Dr. Terri Stephens

So in this article  I’m going to talk about susceptibility to the coronavirus and other viruses in general of course right now in the news they are freaking people out about this virus all sorts of speculating headlines putting people in fear and worry.

I just want to give my disclaimer nothing said in this article is meant to treat or cure this virus this is purely based on my opinion and there is some research down below I’m not gonna try to sell you a vitamin or any cure at all that being said let’s dive into this very interesting topic. You either believe in supplements or you don’t and if you don’t then don’t waste your time on this article or this website for that matter.

Now did you realize that when someone sneezes about 20,000 little droplets containing viruses are projected through the air and that is the mode of transportation for a virus a virus does not have wings it doesn’t have legs it has to be propelled in the air.

A viris has to be contacted and put on your body surface and somehow invade the body and certain viruses have targets for certain tissues. If you can vision the virus like a tennis ball with these little spikes and these spikes have affinity for different tissues depending on what virus it is. The coronavirus has affinity for the lungs, so it’s going to  go in the lungs and do its infecting.

Now the Latin word for virus means poison now viruses are everywhere. These biological entities are more abundant than any other entity on this planet just one liter of seawater contains over a hundred billion viruses. So it really has to do with which one’s you are you are personally susceptible to. The purpose of a virus is to deliver its DNA or RNA into the host cell your cell. DNA and RNA are just genetic material so viruses can’t do anything without the host without you so they’re not really alive they’re not really dead they have the potential of acting like they’re alive.

Viruses are very very very tiny certain viruses are like forty four times smaller than bacteria and they go through five stages first one is they attach to your cell wall now realize that your immune system is looking for these guys.

 They’re trying to kill it so if you’re susceptible to a virus it has a much easier job of attaching and penetrating the protective cell wall. The interesting thing about viruses is some viruses have this envelope around them that they take from your cell membrane cover themselves they actually steal it and they hide so they go underneath the radar so your immune system cannot find them. They attach it penetrate and then they go into the center part of your cell.

Anything that can read this program et’s envision you have this little CD okay this little round disc and you’re trying to listen to music. You’re not
going to be able to listen to music without some type of CD player right? You need something to read it, well the virus does not have a reader it uses your reader. All it has is the CD or the DNA and it’s definitely not gonna be playing music it just wants to replicate okay like a copy machine.

So what it the viris does is it penetrates, it hits the nucleus.  It hijacks your copy machine the duplicator and when it does that it starts to reproduce at a very fast rate. This prevents your own body from using that machine.  So your own body can now not replicate anymore.

That’s not good, so now we have the replicating stage and then the assemble stage so they’re going to take different things modify their structure so then they can come out of the cell and hide from your own immune system.  

That’s what they’re going to try to do so they’re gonna be released.  When they get released the cell usually dies now some viruses actually go dormant, that’s called latent.

 They just pretty much hang out and do nothing and they wait and they wait and they wait into you’re older until you’re weakened until you’re nutritionally deficient or stressed. Then they come out and this is why so many people get virus outbreaks during stressful times. The viruses are there, they just have been dormant.

Another interesting thing about certain viruses is they can activate glycolysis this is the release of sugar. When you decrease glucose metabolism it weakens the influenza virus in laboratory tests now that’s very interesting.

Susceptibility There are several factors that make you susceptible or vulnerable to viruses. Number 1 is your age, now here’s the thing there’s nothing any of us can do about getting older.

However, here is what you can do something about. There’s a huge connection between nutrition deficiencies and the health of your Immune system and the susceptibility for viruses.

There’s not a lot of focus here, because prevention is still not talked about as much as it should be, in my opinion. We spend far too much time and research on treament of disease instead of prevention.

The other factor is genetics. Well you can’t do much about you genes however you can do a lot about the epigenetics which involves your environment.

 Stress nutrition, what you eat. You’re given certain genes when you are born, so we’re not going to talk about that. Number four you’re the health of your immune system if your immune system is weak you’re more vulnerable more susceptible to getting virus’s. Virus’s can create more destruction in the microflora in your digestive system.

Your body has a huge influence on your immune system so when you take antibiotics or you sterilize the body you greatly increase the chance of getting infections. Antibiotics steroids drugs, chemotherapy all break down your immune system and make you weak.

 You can fight this. This is just the bottom line.  Focus on building your immune system.  The best way to do this is with vitamin supplements that Focus on building up your immune system & DNA.