Top 5 In Home DNA Test for 2020

Your DNA, short for Deoxyribonucleic Acid, carries the entire story of your natural past, present, and even your future. It is the very substance of every part of your body, and it is the result of thousands of generations of reproduction and countless instances of mutation.

The expression of the genes in your DNA makes you who you are, determining everything from eye color and height to which diseases you might easily defeat and which you need to watch out for.

The study of your DNA can also provide a remarkably accurate portrait of your heritage, linking you to pockets of humanity that existed many thousands of years ago in far-flung corners of the world.

Before we get started with this article detailing the best DNA test kits on the market, there is a very important question you need to ask yourself.


I mean, exactly, specifically, Why to YOU want to have your DNA tested?

Is it out of curiosity about your heritage?

With the advent of online ancestry DNA testing, and advancements in genetic screening for various medical aliments, we’re able to know more than ever about the genes that make us who we are.

But is there a point to knowing we’re 25% German? And is there a point to knowing we could one day be struck down with a disease we may not be able to prevent?

4 out of 5 experts believe that the right DNA test can do more for the quality of life humans can experience than any other medical breakthrough in history.

That is quite a statement, and you thought you just wanted to find out where in Germany your ancestors came from.

So before you read any further the second question you need to ask yourself is that if your parents passed on genes to you that may.

  • Make it harder for you to lose weight with traditional methods
  • Make your more susceptible heart problems or brain fogg
  • Or even cancer, would you want to know?

    Unlike blood test, your DNA doesn’t change.  It is what it is, you will die with the exact same DNA you were born with.

If you are among the about 14% of the population who survey’s say they would rather go through life NOT knowing what potential health challenges could be part of their future, that is understandable.  I would suggest you don’t have your DNA tested.

However, let me ask you one more question.  What if after having your DNA tested and discovering you may be susceptible to specific health challenges in the future, you could have a credible vitamin and supplement manufacture create a specific nutritional formula for you, based upon you DNA test that can help you maximize your health and strengthen areas in your DNA that need to be strengthened and supported.  If that was possible, would you want to know?

Here is the good news that 99% of the population is not even aware of yet.  After over 25 years in development, today, there is a company that can do all of the above for you, it is called Uforia Science.  So you see having your DNA tested can mean much more for you than figuring out your ancestry heritage.

So today having your DNA tested can do more for the quality of
your life than any other medical breakthrough in history.

So for that reason, we sincerely believe when attempting to compare DNA Testing and the VALUE they provide you in our opinion, there is a clear leader.  Uforia Science, and then everyone else.  Before we talk about all the competitors in the home DNA testing kit market, here is a video that will take you behind the scenes of the Uforia Science DNA & Health Supplement service:

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For those of you that are more interest on DNA Test for family tree or other research or recreational reasons, the rest of this article will give you the insights your looking for.

It is important to note that Uforia Science is Hippa Compliant
and your information will never be bought, traded or sold. 

Since the beginning of in home DNA Health Test it has become
common knowledge that companies like 23andMe, Ancestry, and
others are known to sell your data to drug companies and others. 

If that bothers you this article will share with you how to prevent
this from happening if you decide to go with one of these ancestry type DNA Testing companies.

DNA-testing company 23andMe has signed a $300 million deal with a drug giant. Here’s how to delete your data if that freaks you out


Starting off with the best overall DNA testing kit we have the AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Kit. Forget about poring over pages of personal records or scanning the microfiche at the local library. When it comes to putting together your family tree, it’s what’s in your genes that really counts.

While talking to relatives or studying marriage licenses and birth certificates can probably help you trace your personal history back a few generations and might give you a semi-accurate sense of your ethnic heritage, the AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Kit can link you to no fewer than one hundred and sixty five distinct world populations, creating a precise portrait of your makeup.

Learning about your ethnic heritage is fascinating and fun, and it can even help you understand certain issues that might impact your future, informing you of health conditions to which you might be susceptible.

But when you use the AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Kit, the results actually extend beyond you and those chromosomes of yours. At the time of this article, more than six million people have used this kit, and everyone who submits their results has the option of seeing which other users closely match their genetic makeup.

Thus, using the AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Kit might reveal the existence of a long-lost aunt, cousin, or even a sibling. Your family is almost surely larger than you know, and a DNA testing kit might just be the perfect way to find someone out there with the same genetic history as you. Understandably depending on your family history this is something you may, or may not want to know.

Thousands of people have used the AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Kit to find out all about relatives past and present. One lady reported a moving story that, having been adopted, the kit “helped her find her sister” after twenty-five years of dreaming about doing so.

Another user called this kit “the only test you need” due to its thorough results. This is a good kit & we recommend it to anyone who is curious about their ancestry.

A writer with PCMag called the kit “an easy-to-use tool for exploring your background” that helps you “find relatives.”

A Smarter Hobby review said the AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Kit had the “most extensive database of DNA results” among comparable kits.

#2  23andMe DNA Ancestry + Health Kit

First, just to make sure you understand the full costs, if you want to get a comprehensive genetic health report using the 23andMe DNA Ancestry + Health Kit, you will need to buy the one hundred and fifty-nine-dollar kit.

Knowing what diseases, you are predisposed to develop can help you live a lifestyle that will help lessen the chances of their appearance and/or help prepare your body fight back. The kit can also tell you which genes you are carrying that might pass on diseases or other genetic traits that could cause issues, helping you in your family planning. Even the basic seventy-nine-dollar 23andMe DNA Ancestry Kit still gives you lots of interesting and amusing ancestry data.

You can also upgrade it if you do decide that you want the health analysis, too. Spit one gob of saliva into its tube, and you can learn how much Neanderthal DNA you inherited, and you can compare your genetic makeup to a few dozen world populations alive today. And when you and a family member each use a 23andMe DNA Ancestry Kit, you can see how much DNA you have in common or how much you differ based on genetics inherited from shared ancestors. With nearly a thousand reviews posted on Amazon, the 23andMe DNA Ancestry Kit has a decent 3.9-star average.

One gene tester called it an easy-to-use kit that shared great insights into her genetic ancestry, though several others had complaints about customer service issues.

A reporter for Revisione tried the test and found it very interesting and helpful.

A DNATesterReviews writer gave it to a friend to test and came away impressed by all the information that was gleaned from the test.

A write-up noted that the kit was unique in providing information on “Neanderthal ancestry and traits.

” A Wirecutter review said that the basic 23andMe kit was lower priced than many, but also mentioned that a disproportionate amount of the company’s “reference population database” was Euro-centric.

YOU CAN ORDER A 23andMe Test Kit Here

#3  Living DNA Wellbeing and ancestry kit

The combined wellbeing and ancestry DNA kit brings all the benefits of the two detailed products. The combined DNA kit will enable you to understand the full depths of your ancestry, bringing family stories to life and unlocking goal-orientated wellbeing reports that help you to live a greater quality of life. The reports are simple to understand and helps to provide actionable steps.

The founders are David and Hannah Nicholson are passionate about helping the world understand the truth through science. Taking seemingly daunting topics and delivering them with simplicity, we can all grow and evolve together, with no person being left out. Through observation, awareness, and understanding, we can be empowered to live better lives.

 Living DNA believes our health systems are nearing bankruptcy yet 80% of illness and disease is preventable and lifestyle-related. What if we could change that? What if through the power of DNA and the way it’s delivered we are able to re-connect with ourselves and each other. What if as a result, we start to live a more enriched and healthy life? We see that as more than possible.

You can learn more about the Living Well DNA Test Kit Here

#4  GenoPalate Home DNA Test, Health & Nutrition Genetic Profile for Food Sensitivities & The 85+ Healthiest Foods for You

I know it is hard to believe but 8% of the population believe that they can get all their nutrients they need from the foods they eat.  There is a segment of the population that buy all their foods from farmers markets and grow their own gardens.

GenoPalate is a unique DNA test for this market.  Make healthy eating simple, based on your unique genetic makeup. Discover your ideal nutrient profile, possible food sensitivities, and 85+ foods that are best for your genes with this nutrition-based DNA test kit and report.

HOW IT WORKS: Your box kit includes everything you need for the home DNA sample collection, including a saliva swab and barcode to register your kit online. Your results will be posted in your online GenoPalate account within 4-6 weeks. 

Yes, most larger companies, Uforia, 23andMe, etc. post results with 10 days or less.  I guess this depends on the number of labs they work with, and obviously as in home DNA testing becomes more and more popular weight times could increase in the future.

SENSITIVITY SMART: Learn how likely you are to be sensitive to lactose and gluten, and how quickly your body metabolizes alcohol and caffeine.  Looks like they are hitting the buzz terms of today.  For me knowing this information is about as valuable as knowing if where in Germany your ancestor’s originated.

NUTRITIONAL NEEDS: Discover your optimal intake level for over 20 nutrients including carbohydrates, fat, sodium, protein, fiber, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and more.

SECURE DATA: GenoPalate protects your genetic data in a secure database, and it will not be sold to any third parties. We will not use your data for any research purposes without asking and receiving your consent.  This is one of the five most popular DNA Test for 2020, but I have to say it.  If your real interest in DNA is for health reasons, this test is very popular, sound great, but UFORIA is by far your very best option. 

Learn more about GenoPalate Here

#5  MyHeritage DNA Test Kit

MyHeritage DNA Test Kit will give you a detailed snapshot of your ethnic background, including information sourced from forty-two regions.

Second, the kit has a comprehensive DNA matching feature that can help you locate relatives based on shared genetics. You can learn about and potentially connect with everyone from a second cousin twice removed to a long-lost sister to a great-great-uncle.

And the more people who use this test, the more potential matches it will make in the years to come, no additional fee required for those who have already submitted their genetic data.

One amused and surprised (and satisfied) customer called using the MyHeritage DNA Test Kit an eye opener that revealed a family from “literally all over… from Europe to South America.” Another amateur anthropologist called using the test “a fun and interesting experience.”

A review from TheGadgeteer called the MyHeritage kit “very easy to use” and a good way to “find relatives and build your family tree.”

You can learn more about the Heritage in home DNA Test Kit by
clicking here

A FamilyHistoryDaily article noted the system’s “wonderful tools to connect your research to your DNA matches.” So that sums up our top DNA test kits of 2020 article.  As always your feedback is appreciated and important to us.