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Uforia Science and their trend setting U-Trition nutritional blend is one of the most recent products to enter the health market. It’s a supplement that is customized personally for you according to your DNA. It allows you to have a personalized rather than “blind” nutritional compound prepared exclusively for you based upon your individual DNA.

To get started customers invest $159 for their DNA test kit which includes a pre-trition package of supplements that provides a gentle cleanse.

After your swabs are done, they are sent to the lab in a pre-paid envelope provided in their kit.  There is a normal $199 fee paid directly to the lab that processes the DNA however a $100 discount certificate is also included in the customer kits so the current feel for the DNA test is $99.00 with the discount certificate.

It normally takes 2-4 weeks from the time your saliva swab is mailed to the lab for Uforia to mix your personal DNA customized nutritional supplement. During this wait time customers consume the pre-trition  cleans from their kit until their supplement arrives.

From their first month on, customers invest $159 to receive their own perfect formula which even has their name printed on the canister.   Uforia uses only the highest quality ingredients all that are “peer-reviewed plant-based ingredients along with raw food, super-foods, prebiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.”

Many people feel $159 is expensive, others report that prior to Uforia they were spending several hundreds of dollar a month on various nutritional products.  In one review we read the customer was saying for her it was out of her budget until she compared it with the amount of money her parents were spending every month for various prescription drugs.  She said, if I can avoid major health problems it will be well worth it.  Of course there are no guarantees but what is that old saying,  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Today her and her parents are on the Uforia DNA Nutriton and she is reporting that her parents doctors have taken her mother off of several prescription medicines she has taken for years.

UFORIA Science Ingredients/Plan

The list of ingredients is too long to detail. They are currently approaching 100  ingredients.  You obviously won’t receive all 100 and the ingredients will be printed on the bottle and in your DNA report.  The vitamins and minerals are the usual such as Vitamin A, B, E, then there are some plant extracts and some cutting edge ingredients as well such as tomato powder, kiwi and frankincense.

Uforia reports that the software that determines the ingredients in each individuals product has been developed over the past twenty years by some of the most respected DNA scientist in the world.

In fact in the video, the “miracle” happens when the machine (referred to as the Utritionator) “picks” the ingredients. The utritionator reads your barcoded DNA and makes your designer blend from all the ingredients; choosing the perfect blend for you which is also referred to as “magic.”


Acai Juice Powder Acerola Powder Ext., Apple Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Artichoke Extract, Astaxanthin, Astragalus Root Powder, Beetroot Juice Powder, Bilbery Ext., Biotin, Broccoli Juice Powder, Broccoli Sprout Extract, Broccoli Powder, Burdock Root Powder, Carrot Juice Powder, Choline Biltartrate, Citric Blofavonoids Powder, Cranberry Juice Powder, Dong Qual Extract, Enzyme Blend, Fermented Papaya Prep, Folate, Frankincense, Fructooligosaccharides, Garlic Powder, Ginko Biloba Ext., Gotu Kola Ext., Grape Seed Ext., Grape Skin Ext., Green Tea Ext., Kaempferia Parviflora, Kale Powder, Kiwifruit, Maltake Mushroom Ext., Mangosteen Ext., Milk Thistle Ext., Mixed Carotenes, Organic Black Currant, Organic Blueberry Ext., Organic Flax Seed, Organic Reishi Mushroom Ext., Organic Shitake Mushroom Ext., Pomegranate Ext., Quatrafolic, Quercetin – 98% Total, Raspberry Juice Powder, Resveratrol – 50% Total, uforiaglutenfree, Rosemary Ext., S Acetyl Glutathione, EMOTHION, Schizandra Berry Powder, Selenium, Spinach Juice Powder, Spirulina Powder, Strawberry Juice Powder, Tomato Powder, Trimethylglycine, Turmeric Ext., Ubiquinol, Ubiquinone, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, White Tea Extract, Wolfberry Goji Berry Ext.,  Zinc

The War on Customized, Personalized, DNA Based Nutrition

To say that mainstream vitamin and supplement companies are concerned about this cutting edge technology Uforia Science has introduced to the market place would be an understatement and understandably so.

The attacks on DNA labs had started in the United States, prior to Uforia introducing this new cutting edge personal supplementation process.   You have probably read where companies like 23 & Me have been selling their DNA data to drug companies who want to develop more customized medicines.   Uforia is clear to state in all their materials that the customer DNA data is collect in a Hippa compliant labs and will never be sold.  

The Bottom Line: Is Uforia Science Worth a Try?

May scientist are convinced that DNA testing will become the norm and will help us all in so many ways in the years to come. The ability to know that we are susceptible to certain diseases will become more and more apparent as the word about Uforia continues to spread through the market with their word of mouth campaigns.

It is agreed in the scientific community that prevention is the best medicine after all. Using nutritional supplements is certainly a way that you can attempt to combat certain illnesses. So it really comes down to the question,  When given a choice, would the majority of consumers rather consume supplements that they buy blindly off the shelf, cross your fingers and hope they are doing something for you, or a customized product based upon your personal DNA which never changes?

Today most nutritionists and dietitians use blood or hair test to assess nutritional requirements. This kind of analysis has been super helpful as it indicates what nutrients are currently lacking and a history of the last few months, in the case of the hair. These kinds of tests show what nutrients are lacking such as iron, zinc and vitamin B12 etc.  Our DNA never changes, it is what it is. 

DNA testing takes the currently lacking or lacking in the past few months analysis to the next level.   When customers have the opportunity to understand the defiance’s they were BORN with and take a customized nutritional product every month that will strengthen their bodies in those important foundational areas. it is easy to understand why Uforia is creating an excited, loyal customer base.       

Doctors that have been depending on hair and blood samples for years tend to be intimated with by change and this new DNA Science.  It is predictable, because this new technology will ultimately eat into their profits and ultimately eliminate the out dated science.

Your nutrition requirements change all the time and yet your DNA result will stay the same.   Many consumers seem to enjoy the fact that they never need to spend time again staring at the isles of vitamin bottles on the shelves of retail shops. No more guessing what you need after hours of research and constantly trying to keep up with the latest trend Dr Oz is promoting. We were surprised how many Uforia Customers continually used the term “Peace of Mind” when describing their feeling when consuming their personalized Uforia product.

The Science of Uforia

While Uforia Science is apparently all about science it’s likely to continue to intimidate vitamin manufactures, labs who do blood and hair analysis and other companies within the scientific ommunity.

Uforia Science makes no health claims regarding the health results of customers.  How can they?  Why would they?  The product you consume will be totally different than that of your best friend, sister, or any customer, anywhere in the world.  Each product is individually bar coded, formulated, one batch at a time, for one customer at a time with their patent pending machine called the Utritionator.   Each individual batch is made one-at-a-time and  even has each customer’s name printed on the container.  So will many individual customers can share the health benefits they have personally received, however this has zero marketing value, so even if a customer lost 10 pounds their first month without trying.  Their product formulation would be different than all the other Uforia customers.  “If we give our bodies what it needs, it has the remarkable ability to hear itself” has been the long standing position of many nutritionist.  The DNA Science behind Uforia, may provide us what we need at levels that have never been available to consumers, until now.

One of Kind Uforia Utritionator

All nutritional product manufactures are careful to claim not to diagnose, treat or prevent an illness.   The value of preventing and eliminating various health related challenges with nutritional products has been very well documented for many years.  Early indications are when it is all said and done the DNA science behind Uforia Science will provide multiple health benefits and testimonies for individuals based upon their specific needs.

The Uforia Science Product is a category creator.  This type of new technology is not easily understood. This is one of the many reasons Uforia chose to make this product available through a network of independent contractors they call U-Tritionist.   It is the responsibility of these professional independent contractors, to answer questions and provide support for their customers.

Some competitors find issue with the fact that Uforia products are not sold off the shelf like all other Blind Nutritional products.  However when you consider that the DNA test must be completed and this product is based on each individuals personal DNA it is easy to understand why Uforia chose to make its product available through independent contractors who could provide a higher level of customer service. 

You can learn about ordering your DNA Kit online by visiting this website:

If you would like for a customer service oriented Utritionist
in your area to contact you, simply call 7 7 0 – 4 9 9 – 2 0 6 1
and they can connect you with a Utritionist in your geographical

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